Clearview Midlands July 2013 - Issue 140 - Page 77

RECRUITMENT Britain’s Got Talent Unlocking the potential for British window and door industry talent in overseas markets is becoming more and more common. Mat Gibson from Chase Taylor recruitment explains his recent work in the burgeoning Indian market, and the opportunities that are out there for people wanting to have a second career… “When I got a call early in the springtime asking if I could find a senior executive level candidate to go and oversee the growth of a vertically integrated extrusion/fabrication/ installation business in India I thought it was going to be a really difficult ask. It was unusual, firstly, where to start, and secondly, how many people would be prepared to uproot their families and go to a country where the industry is very much in its infancy and the future so uncertain. “How wrong could I have been? Within a week I had no fewer than 10 serious and credible candidates. Skype interviews whittled the list down and the final two candidates were invited over to India by the client for face-toface meetings. Alex Murphy was appointed to the position of Business Head for the biggest window industry business in India, a great tribute to the industry here in the UK. It is a real recognition of the genuine talent that is here in Britain that the client wanted to take that knowledge and experience to accelerate their own development as the market leading company in the sub-continent.” Usually senior positions like this would take four to six months to close. In total, the process took just six weeks from first call to final appointment. And the work has continued with the appointment of two further senior positions to help the growth, with others in the pipeline. Mat comments, “I think it is a testimony to what has been achieved by t 䁡ɔѡمѥѡɕѥ٥䰁ѡѡͥʹѡЁȁ́ݽձѼхͽɽ ɥхݡѡ䁍ձٔͥ䁱ЁѡɅѥɽѱѡ今tȁѕ́ѕɕѕٕ͕́չѥ̰ЁѽՍݥѠ5Ёͽ͕х屽ȹլȁ٥ͥЁܹ͕х屽ȹլѼɕѕȁȁх̸()9\AIM%9PY= QL=YIMLaA9M%=8)QեɍѕɅ%ɽ̀$́ѕ܁AɕͥЁЁ́ɕЁ4 ɕ)))ɥ̰ ᕍѥٔѡ1܁%ѕɥ́ɽѽ́ݼ啅ȁѕɔMɑѠ5̸!хٕ́ȁɽѝAɕͥЁA9ͽ ᕍѥٔ܁YAɕͥЁ݅́ͼѕ5ɥM̰51ɥЁAɽՍ̸%́՝Ʌ́Aɕͥа)ѱ́́ȁمѡ$ɍѕɅɽ䁽ٕȁѡЁݼ啅̸́ݕѡչхЁ܁Սѥѥѥٕ̰)չѡЁѡ$ݽձٕ͕́́ѥ٥ѥ̸Qɔ́ɕ䁄ɽхѡ$ՍѥɽɅѡ5ȁЁ%ѥєɍѕɅ%ɽ̀%$Ʌ́!-܁ɅݥՉѕȁѡ́啅ȸ)ͼչѡЁѕѼѡ'éѥ٥ѥ́Ѽ%ݡɕɑ́́՝ѕѥɭЁȁѡ'éݕɕѕՍѥɽɅ(+aѕѼѡ'éѥ٥ѥ́Ѽ%d)Q$ɕɕ͕́ѡɥ䁽ɍѕɅɽ́ѡU,́ݕ́ѡՙɕ́ɍѕɅɽ䁅́ѕѼɅͥхɑ́ɅЁɅѥ́ѡ͕ѽȸܹɜլ()Qɕɔ٥ͥЁܹ٥ܵլ())U0((((