Clearview Midlands July 2013 - Issue 140 - Page 70

INSTALLERSUPPORT Free CE Marking guidance Chiltern Dynamics has produced a free guidance document to help manufacturers of windows and external pedestrian doorsets understand the CE Marking process. From the 1st July 2013, it will be illegal to place windows and external pedestrian doorsets (without fire or smoke leakage performance) on the market without a CE Mark and a Declaration of Performance (DOP). Technical Information sheet TI1316: CE Marking of Windows & External Pedestrian Doorsets offers an excellent plain English introduction to the CE Marking process. It describes in seven simple steps what manufacturers/ assemblers need to do to comply with the CPR. The guide explains that, in the UK, there are three Mandatory Essential Characteristics for which evidence must be provided. These are thermal transmittance, dangerous substances and load bearing capacity of safety devices (if fitted). However, there are nine further Essential Characteristics for which No Performance Determined (NPD) can be stated. Technical Manager Vincent Kerrigan says: “While manufacturers are responsible for ensuring their products comply with the CPR, Chiltern Dynamics can offer a range of services to help them meet these responsibilities and ensure they have all the appropriate test evidence to support their performance claims for each product family. Contact vkerrigan@chilternfire.; or download Technical Information sheet TI-1316: CE Marking of Windows & External Pedestrian Doorsets from document/ce-markingguidance-2013.pdf Video highlights need for correct fire door installation BWF-CERTIFIRE has created a video of a fire door installation to help specifiers and installers. The video is a step-by-step guide demonstrating how the fire door and components should be fitted to ensure maximum effectiveness in the event of a fire. John Fletcher, Scheme Manager of BWF-CERTIFIRE, explains the process of installing a fire door, highlighting the key elements that contribute to a successful installation. John Fletcher said: “A fire door is not just an ordinary door; this is an engineered safety product. It’s designed to save people’s lives so not only is it essential to use correct components but also to ensure the fire door is fitted correctly.” The video shows a complete installation from fitting the door frame through to fitting the intumescent material and hanging the door correctly, completing with fitting the closer. Close attention is paid to the instructions, the smoke seals, intumescent material, hinges, locks, latches and finally the closer. The video concludes with a checklist for installers to follow, detailing the preparation needed, precautions to consider and the necessary course of action to take to install a fire door. The video can be found at: Further information on fire doors can be found at: http://www. ‘A fire door is not just an ordinary door’ Get Ready - MTC is Coming! From June 2014 all installers and surveyors of replacement windows and doors in domestic properties will need to prove compliance with the new Minimum Technical Competencies (MTC) being introduced by the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG). The simplest way to achieve compliance will be by registering on the FENSA MTC Card scheme. The FENSA MTC Card recognises levels of competence achieved through the installers’ or surveyors’ relevant industry experience and a minimum of two years is required. Installers and surveyors will be able to obtain a provisional card immediately upon registration but they will also be required to undertake online tests and onsite assessments that will allow a full card to be issued. These tests and assessments will need to be completed by June 2014. The FENSA MTC Card can also recognise that the installer or surveyor holds relevant glazing sector qualifications, a minimum of NVQ Level 2 (installers) or Level 3 (surveyors). Holders will have to demonstrate competence with the latest measures by being reassessed. The FENSA MTC Card is a simple, easy and cost-effective way of recognising Minimum Technical Competence. Registration is now open at: aspx 70 JUL 2013 To read more, visit