Clearview Midlands July 2013 - Issue 140 - Page 67

ENERGYEFFICIENCY UK Businesses Are Missing Out On Millions by Not Being Green Deal Certified A top Green Deal website has warned that many of the UK’s small businesses are missing out on millions of pounds worth of work by not becoming Green Deal Certified. Under the government’s Green Deal scheme, an estimated 14 million homes will be made energy efficient by 2020, potentially creating billions of pounds worth of work for the construction sector. has spoken to hundreds of small business owners since the scheme launched, concluding that many are put off the accreditation process because of the amount of admin, number of forms and sheer volume of paperwork involved. It calculates that millions of pounds worth of opportunities are being lost by those who can’t or won’t complete the certification process, leaving some firms struggling to make ends meet and others left to enjoy the bulk of the work created by the Green Deal. Thomas Farquhar, sales manager at said, “Our service cuts out all of this and allows them to start their green deal business quickly.” provides practical assistance, guidance and support for those embarking on the Green Deal certification process. It takes on the burden of paperwork and admin, completing as much as possible for owners who want to become certified installers or assessors. Mr Farquhar added, “The cost of this service is soon recovered by the time savings you make in not having to do the work yourself.” Find out more at http://www. GREEN DEAL CON ARTISTS ACTIVE Criminals are using the cover of the government’s flagship energy policy to defraud money from homeowners. The Green Deal offers loans to spend on energysaving home improvement work with no upfront costs. But trading standards officers have reported that cold callers are posing as Green Deal assessors while charging “administration fees”. Green Deal loans are only available through government contracted assessors who are identifiable through an allocated number. Complaints about fraudulent callers have so far been registered with trading standards officers in South Wales and West Yorkshire, where 12 complaints are being investigated. One 76-year-old said she had been offered an “old age pensioner discount” for double glazing, with a 20% discount if she signed up that day. Energy Minister, Greg Barker, has now told the BBC that potential victims are being protected by the rules. “We have very strong consumer protection, these