Clearview Midlands July 2013 - Issue 140 - Page 44

HARDWARE&SECURITY ANTIQUE HARDWARE Mighton Products has just launched its new range of antique hardware for both timber and PVCu casement windows, including a dummy hook with the promise of next day delivery. The new antique range of hardware includes Monkeytail stays in 8”, 10” and 12” lengths, locking and non-locking hook/mortice fasteners both left and right handed and a dummy hook, which is fixed to the window. The dummy hook is proving particularly popular on more traditionally appearing PVCu windows when used in conjunction with espagnolette rods and shootbolt systems. While the antique range of casement window hardware was almost solely aimed at the timber market in years gone by, the recent developments in more traditionally appearing PVCu windows with butt jointed profiles has seen a surge in interest in the antique black Monkeytail handles and hook/mortice fasteners. These new products are featured on the Mighton Products website, which boasts thousands of parts for both timber and PVCu windows and doors and next day delivery for all orders placed before 4:30pm. Visitors to the site can also process payments online and enjoy end of line products at the very lowest prices. Visit, call 0800 056 0471 or add to their following on Twitter @mightonproducts. Popular Period Door Knockers Offer Personalisation Following the success of the greenteQ Kappa Slim and Classic Urn door knockers, VBH will add to the range with this summer’s launch of the Doctor and Pony Tail styles. Both are hugely popular on traditional period properties, where timber doors were personalised by a huge choice of furniture styles from local ironmongers. Doctor and Pony Tail allow modern door manufacturers to offer their customers increased personalisation through a wider choice of greenteQ knocker styles. The Doctor knocker fea \\H[XX[[[\ٝ[[HHXܚX[ٙ\[ۘ[\\ˈHX]H\Yۈ[܈HYH\ۈH܈ZHHY\[\XX[[H][و[[Y\[HX^H[HHX܈[HHHXZ[\وH][Y[ \\]Xܙ[ \[\ H۞HZ[ۛ\ٙ\H[ܙH\X[XH\Yۈ]ݚY\Y[ۙ\][\]X]H[\]]HH[\ۛ\[\ˈ]ۛ\X]\HHܙY[TH]ZX]^[Y]YY\[[\YHH][\[[[ݚ[HYY^YH܋[ܙH]Z[[HۛYYHH˝؋B]8&\][[ \\\O‘\YۛRH\H]\Y][ۈ&\ܝ[][][HXH[YH\\Y[X]\\ˈ]8&\\YۙYH\[XY\YH[YX][HH]]X]YXX[\K[Y]\[\XHZ]YX[X[\[XKH\\H\\]XH]ٚ[\و[X]\X[\ۙ\^H]HH M[H]\ܛݙK]8&\\]X[HZ]XH܈[XYHH[X\܈[[Z[][K܈[[Z[][K\H\H][\XH[KH؛[Hو]X[^[ܙ][Hܛ\ۛXܜۈHٚ[HX\\H[\YKH[\\H\][HۘX[Y][HX]K\YX[[و[H\\XH[H\\Y ][ۈH[\[܋\H\H[H\HY[\[\[]X]\\ٙ\[[[\][H[\[H\8$Y][X[ݚYHH\XHX]\X[[ˈ[[[KH[[XܛH\ M [Y[H\HXH]\HYXY\[Hو HZ[ Z[[K\[H]XHYX[HY[\و[\X\[H[H[Y \[\X[\܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۋќ[ۈ]\8&Zx&HۈXX[[H\HۛXۈ[Y[ S L‚XY[ܙK\]˘X\Y]]Z˘B