Clearview Midlands July 2013 - Issue 140 - Page 43

HARDWARE&SECURITY Innovative Casement Window Products VBH now stocks M-SPAG, Maco’s latest outward opening window shootbolt. M-SPAG is telescopic, with just 4 main sizes, and all fixings are applied from one direction. VBH advise that this makes M-SPAG quick and easy to fi t as the window needs less handling, the quantity of parts required per sash is reduced, and there is no need to crop any hardware to size. This has a knock-on benefit of cutting out waste caused by mis-measuring. M-SPAG is fully tested to exceed the current required standards and is approved under the MACO Secure Plus guarantee scheme. M-SPAG is supplied in silver look as standard. This provides 480 hours neutral salt spray test performance. However, even greater corrosion resistance can be achieved if Maco Tricoat PLUS coating is specified. M-SPAG is supplied in Maco’s new M-PACK packaging, designed to increase box stability and access to the product when on the workbench. VBH marketing manager, Gary Gleeson, states, “M-SPAG is the latest in a long line of innovative casement window products from Maco. Fabricators love it as it is easy to stock, quick to fit and can be used on all sorts of windows.” More on Maco M-SPAG can be downloaded from Sleek and contemporary finish P C Henderson has launched Soltaire Low Headroom, a new sliding door gear system that maximises the door height for a sleek and modern finish. Concealed into the top of the door, Soltaire reduces clearance between the track and the top of the door by 2mm. Creating an indoor/outdoor experience in the home is becoming an increasingly popular trend. Soltaire Low Headroom allows you to create a large opening in the side of a building, using quality timber doors, which allows natural light and fresh air to circulate a room, whilst creating a contemporary finish. Andrew Royle, UK Commercial Director at P C Henderson comments: “Low headroom products are a clever way of hiding all of the operating door hardware, enabling the end user to create a modern and minimalistic style with quality timber doors. P C Henderson now offers a low headroom solution for interior and exterior doors capable of taking a variety of door weights.” British engineered for ease of installation, this hardware provides a smooth sliding door action when installed and is also easy to adjust if necessary, catering for doors up to 250kg. iPlate - The next step in Letterplate design Letterplate designs have been pretty stagnant for the past few years, with new releases being a variation of one basic design. But now UAP has done something about this and taken the Letterplate to the next level. UAP’s iPlate has a unique frameless design, patent pending soft close mechanism, corrosion proof construction, a unique un-sprung hinge and a patent pending magnetic ‘click to close’ feature. Inspiration for the letterplate came from an unusual place as David Jennings, MD for UAP Limited explains: “I took the idea for the soft close mechanism on the iPlate from a toilet seat, I saw it at work one day and thought why not for a letterplate, it makes perfect sense and stops the problem of the flap snapping back onto the postman’s hand.”The Royal Mail was consulted during the design process for the iPlate to ensure that it is both postman and child friendly. Like other UAP Letterplates the ‘brushes’ are on the outside, making it easier for letters to be pushed through and putting a stop to unwanted items being pushed into the cavity. T: 0161 796 7268, E:, Web: To read more, visit JUL 2013 43