Clearview Midlands July 2013 - Issue 140 - Page 40

NETWORKVEKAAGM2013 Dancing with the Stars Members shown how to take the spotlight. This year’s Network VEKA AGM was another great success, with delegates travelling from every corner of the UK to attend the event at St John’s Hotel in Solihull. The whole AGM had a ‘Hollywood’ theme, as the evening awards and dinner dance sponsored by Clearview and PRO Installer magazines, encouraged guests to dress to impress for ‘A Night at the Movies’ and the day’s conference explained why Network VEKA surely deserves the accolade of ‘Best Supporting Role’ for all the marketing assistance on offer. The afternoon’s conference focussed on addressing changing consumer buying habits, with speakers highlighting the wide variety of new online marketing opportunities available to members. In the spirit of modern marketing practices, the event was tweeted live throughout the day. The AGM was compered once again by John Meredith and his own brand of tongue in cheek humour. Getting personal Tools of the trade Trevor Hind from Network VEKA’s longserving marketing agency, The Image Works, spoke to the membership about the costeffective merits of ‘organic’ Search Engine Optimisation before showcasing the impressive Network VEKA Marketing Portal. Trevor explained: “Network VEKA’s Marketing Portal offers member companies the chance to personalise a wide range of professionally-designed marketing materials – all at the click of a button. “Members can simply log in to view everything from adverts and posters, to mailers and brochures and then personalise these items to suit their company. All the items already feature their individual details and logo, and they can then add any extra details that they wish, such as special offers or other companyspecific information. “It’s an extremely cost-effective solution which ensures that marketing is consistent and professional and, as Network VEKA has commissioned the design and copywriting already, there’s only the printing and postage costs left to pay.” Network VEKA MD John Ogilvie then took to the stage to introduce the new suite of Network VEKA Tools, which can be added to members’ websites to help them compete for more business in their local area. John explained how these online tools can be implemented to make sure that every member company is getting the most from their website and converting mo ɔ٥ͥ́Ѽ̸ͅqQɔɔյȁɕ́Ѽ͔ɽ́ݡѡȁѼȁѡaձdՑє܁ݕͥєȁ͔ͥѡ́ѡЁݥЁ͕ٔѡȁѥͥє(+qÁՑAɥɅѽȰMݍ͔A͍չЁYՍȁ ɽAѼЁѡمɥ́ɕ̸qQ͔ͥѼ͔ѽ́ٔͥѼ9ݽɬY-́х͠ɽȁݕɕ͕ЁɔЁٕͥ́ͅչ䁽qQ́ѡЁ䁍ѡ͔ѽ́ݥѠȁѥٕѥͥAHԁɸɔݕɅѼՅ̻́ͅtܹݽɭٕѽ̹լ)ͼѡѥչЁѡЁQY-U,ɽÊéaͥˊd䁥́مɕɝȁ͔ѡݕͥѕ́ѡ͔́ѡЁѡ ݅ѕȁͥєȁɅܹɽё̹լ)ͽͥ()9ЁЁ͍͕́ͽݥѠѡ4ѕ̰ݥѠѥձȁ́܁ѥͽѥ٥䁅aȁdɽٕ͕հ݅ѼЁȁݕɅЁȁͥ́ѼɅ䁽ѡȁ͕ɍ̸((())U0()Qɕɔ٥ͥЁܹ٥ܵլ((