Clearview Midlands July 2013 - Issue 140 - Page 17

DOORS&WINDOWS Bi-fold debate – aluminium VS PVCu As part of an exclusive Clearview column, TWR Trade Frames’ Managing Director Terry Richardson, the original bi-fold doctor, discusses all things bi-fold related. For July he discusses what material is better for a bi-fold, aluminium or PVCu. Bi-folding doors are big business. But pretty much everybody knows that by now. It’s a very aesthetic product that has wow factor and the ability to create a showpiece for a commercial or residential property. But what material makes for a better bi-fold installation - aluminium or PVCu? Let’s forget the selfinterest that comes with fabricating either material, accept that both have their benefits and look objectively at the issue. No real answer SH Prices "SMAing Doors Bi-fold On Smart ED" ched ur newly laun us ash on all of o Price Sm ors, challenge ium Bi-Fold do in en give SMART Alum and we will ev ! for your quote on price t order ...WOW OFF* your firs you 10% comes to ease of installation; an aluminium bi-fold holds it weight better than its PVCu counterpart. Aesthetics Unfortunately the debate regarding the material generally, has no real answer as both products serve their respective markets and have their ‘powerful’ lobbyists. Personally though, when it comes to bi-folding doors, I can’t help leaning more towards aluminium as a material to go for, due to the high-end nature of the product. Some manufacturers are selling PVCu bi-folds but aluminium still accounts for the largest proportion of the market. Not only does this material offer slimmer sightlines; increased glass space and unlimited colour choice; but aluminium is also inherently stronger than PVCu and more suited to bearing the heavy loads needed for a bi-fold installation. It is also widely accepted that when it Considering looks only, it’s hard to argue against the superiority of an aluminium bi-folding door. It’s a product that is generally pitched at the higher end of the market so price isn’t such a sensitive issue and the fact that PVCu is mass produced whereas aluminium is ‘hand crafted’ fits well with the lucrative higher margins on offer with bi-folding doors. Demand 100mm BI-FOLD 2500x2 +vat! or - only £1193 Do PRICE CHALLENGE! • SMART Architectural Premium Aluminium • A choice of RAL colours • On-site delivery available • Low Threshold Options • Quick Turnaround from quote to delivery • Log online to view our new EZI Door Quote System 10% OFF* your first order now The above assertions seem to be backed up by demand. Here at TWR we manufacture and supply both PVCu and aluminium bi-folding doors and quite frankly demand for our aluminium range has overwhelmingly outweighed PVCu. I think it’s fair to say that when it comes to bi-folding doors aluminium wins the debate. The wider issue of PVCu and aluminium as a general material though, is still very much open for discussion. For more information call TWR Trade Frames on 0191 565 2200 or visit www.twrtf. Compare us today. We will not be beaten on price. Call Nigel 0844 335 1226 Fax 0844 335 1227 *Offer open to new customers on first order. Not applicable to glazing and delivery charge. To read more, visit JUL 2013 17 PRICE EXAMPLE