Clearview Midlands February 2014 - Issue 147 - Page 5

INDUSTRYNEWS New Safety and Security Glazing Good Practice Guide The Glass and Glazing Federation has recently launched a new publication entitled, “Safety and Security Glazing – Good Practice Guide”. The new guide covers the use of safety and security glass and glazing in buildings including not just windows, doors and curtain walling but also interiors such as shower enclosures and elevator enclosures. The guide also details the key performances of safety and security glazing when subject to manual, ballistic and explosive attacks. Other areas concerning the safety of persons such as overhead glazing, protective glass barriers, glass stairs and floors are also comprehensively covered. The guide, which effectively brings all the key information on safety and security glazing into one publication, is primarily aimed at informing architects, specifiers, building planners, surveyors and building managers. Dis Na tribu tion ted ally Steve Rice, Director of Glazing and Secretary of the GGF Glazing Executive, has been instrumental in the production of this publication by collaborating with several Industry experts who sit on the GGF Safety and Security Technical Group. Steve commented, “This publication plugs a huge gap in the current industry information on safety and security glazing.” REACH THE MARKET YOU THOUGHT YOU NEVER COULD For more information on the GGF Safety and Security Glazing Groups please contact Steve Rice, or visit the Groups’ web pages; safety-glazing-group Distributed through a national network of over 300 trade counters and growing. Two innovative companies come together Dempsey Dyer is the latest high-profile company to switch to Cotswold Architectural Products. Dempsey Dyer is renowned for its commitment to innovation and offering high-end, quality products and decided to enter a partnership with Cotswold for the provision of its friction stays. Iain Morgan, who is Cotswold’s Managing Director, comments: “For us it’s never just been about supplying a commodity product – to a certain extent the product is secondary. “We manufacture and supply bespoke hardware solutions that are designed around the fabricator and the system they supply. In order to increase production efficiency and ensure this element of the manufacturing process is seamless.” “It’s about support, innovation and launching game changing products. This is why we like to work together with like-minded, forward thinking companies.” Iain says that Dempsey Dyer is a typical Cotswold part