Clearview Midlands February 2014 - Issue 147 - Page 40

DOORS&WINDOWS In the Top 30 PVC-u fabricators Dempsey Dyer, the long-standing Deceuninck fabricator, has been included in the Insight Data Top 30 PVC-U Fabricators for the second time in a row. According to Insight Data’s annual fabricator ‘league table,’ Dempsey Dyer has a net worth of £2,821,146 – ranking them 16th out of 1,622 PVC-U fabricators in the UK. Peter Dyer comments: “Over the past 36 years the management at Dempsey Dyer have worked hard to create a financially sound business and I’m pleased to see we’ve made the Top 30 in a very competitive industry. Dempsey Dyer is a company that’s here for the long term – we continue to invest in the business year on year and develop new, innovative products – and our financial stability provides the strong platform we need to achieve our goals.” The PVC-U window industry has seen plenty of good times and bad during the past three decades, and many companies have of course come and gone. Dempsey Dyer meanwhile has weathered the varying economic conditions with little fuss, growing at a sensible rate and making wise investments at the right time. The company was established in 1977 by Bob Dyer, initially specialising in timber joinery. Bob’s brother Tom joined the business in 1984 and in the same year the company started to fabricate the Deceuninck PVC-U system - as they still do to this day. 44% Tom’s son Peter joined the business in 2004, bringing fresh ideas and a desire to drive the family company forward. Tom’s daughter Rachel joined as finance manager earlier in the year, continuing the family tradition. The Insight Top 30 is focused on PVC-U fabricators in the UK. The report assesses information collated from the Insight fabricator and installer database crossreferenced with financial data provided by a credit reference agency. The report shows the top 30 fabricators by turnover, and the top 30 fabricators by net worth. Where the company has not disclosed sufficient financial information on their annual returns, or has consolidated group accounts, they are excluded from the report. The financial data is the publicly available company accounts that represent the latest filed records available to Insight Data as of 31st September 2013. Door-Stop customers using Sales Manager are selling more doors year on year Watc h our short video all about sales manager here www. 40 FEB 2014 ® To read more, visit