Clearview Midlands February 2014 - Issue 147 - Page 33

DOORS&WINDOWS Cutting lists Lee used to spend hours producing cutting lists. He says “JMS is a great labour saver. At the click of a button I now have accurate production sheets from the start of the process to the end. JMS has eliminated mistakes and improved communication. The job sheet travels with the job on the trolley through the workshop. When it comes to setting out everything is there including the positioning of glazing bars.” JMS allows Lee to send detailed glass reports directly to his glazier including positions of false glazing bars. This means that even before starting a job all glass is waiting in the workshop. Training U-values Despite having little experience of computers, other than surfing the web, Lee says, “JMS is very intuitive. It was initially daunting but at the end of my two days training Joinerysoft was only at the end of the phone.” An added bonus with Joinerysoft is that u-values and CE marking is included. When architects and builders specify a required u-value it’s no problem. Lee says, “JMS not only calculates u-values but prints certificates to verify the calculations and provides CE marking labels too.” Lee believes that another absolute plus is the time savings hanging and making doors and frames. He says, “Windows is one thing but doors, frames and screens are fabulous.” Summary Turnover at Advanced Joinery has increased dramatically and JMS named as the catalyst that has allowed them to move forward. Lee says, “With the TREND system working in partnership with JMS we have an impressive set up. JMS has made Advanced Joinery into a successful business model.” The last 18 months has been so good for Advanced Joinery that they have just taken delivery of a big SCM five headed fully computerised moulder. He adds, “I was sceptical for years – how can software make such a big difference – but it does! That’s all I can say. I’m still very passionate about the system.” For more information contact: Advanced Joinery Tel: 01263 732378 Joinerysoft Ltd Tel: 01608 643302 Make a welcoming entrance • • • • The UK’s highest quality Composite Doors 12 beautiful decorative glass designs to choose from A choice of over 40 distinctive styles and colours to suit any home A door with pedigree - tried and tested for over 20 years Tel: 0845 2000 816 To read more, visit FEB 2014 33