Clearview Midlands February 2014 - Issue 147 - Page 32

DOORS&WINDOWS A Real Transformation Advanced Joinery is now in its 20th year of trading in Norfolk, manufacturing all types of high performance timber joinery including windows, doors and stairs. Owner, Lee Ellis, started the business after a four year apprenticeship building up his client base through repeat business and recommendation. Lee admits that for 18 years the business ticked along with a good customer base but never growing, however in the last 2 years the business has been transformed from a one man band with only 2-3 weeks work ahead to a workshop with 4 joiners - buzzing with 6 months work ahead at all times. This incredible turnaround he puts down to investment in the business, in particular Joinery Management Software (JMS) from Joinerysoft and a TREND modular window system. He says, “I knew I had to invest to change my business but cash flow was poor.” Initially purchasing just two software modules from Joinerysoft for windows and sliding sash, Lee was able to spread the cost in instalments. After four months, turnover and cash flow had improved sufficiently to purchase another two JMS modules for doors and screens. Lee now uses JMS for all jobs including some very unique designs. Lee says, “I took a gamble when purchasing JMS as cash flow wasn’t good but Joinerysoft is the future and any small joinery manufacturer has to move with the times. I had to be able to quote consistently, not gaining on one job but losing on the next! I believe making a small profit on everything is the answer.” Quoting Lee admits that many quotes slipped through the net previously with prices ‘guestimated’ and opportunities missed. He says. “Quoting is like fishing. The more lines you fish with the more bites you get. Joinerysoft makes that happen with consistent pricing and professional quotes. The speed of response I can now provide increases customer confidence and has definitely led to increased orders.” The JMS software also provides Lee with the opportunity to request customers sign confirmation of order. The paperwork used to bog Lee down but now all documents or reports can be printed or emailed instantly. He says, “The paperwork is a breeze now. I can quote thousands of pounds now with confidence. You can have the best machinery in the workshop but if no orders are coming in it is useless. Success is all about quoting. If you’re not getting quotes out you can’t win and therefore won’t keep the machines running.” YOU HAVE FITTED SECURE LOCKS BUT ARE THE WINDOWS SIMPLY LIKE UNLOCKED DOORS TO A BURGLAR? Many homes have double glazed windows where the glass is secured by a beading on the outside. This can easily be removed and is one of the most common ways that burglars get in. Taking out the glass is quick and makes no noise. NO-GO GLASS LOCKS lock the glass into the frame so that the glass cannot be removed without smashing the glass. NO