Clearview Midlands August 2014 - Issue 153

WINDOWS » DOORS » CONSERVATORIES » GLASS » FABRICATORS » DISTRIBUTORS » INSTALLERS August 2014 Issue 153 » £3.00 Midlands » Roto Glas-Tec GL-IB: for triple glazing GL-SV: for all standard glazing GL-UKS: blocks with steal plating for special solutions Maximum load − 20 °C  2039 kg + 23 °C  1223 kg + 80 °C  377 kg Maximum load − 20 °C  2039 kg + 23 °C  1223 kg + 80 °C  336 kg Maximum load − 20 °C  1806 kg + 23 °C  890 kg + 80 °C  902 kg Customized solutions for secure glazing Window and door technology Member of Member of Roto Group Roto Group Glazing blocks are the one and only connection between window and wall. On the one hand it enables perfect functionality of the window, on the other hand it keeps the window glass in place during its entire lifetime. This is important to avoid glass fraction. Eventually, these blocks determine the stability of the entire façade. Roto Glazing blocks offer the most reliable and highest quality on long term and is confirmed by tests by the Rosenheim institute. Roto offers a variety of over 200 different types of glazing blocks. Therefore, Roto provides a perfect solution for all your needs.