Clearview Midlands April 2014 - Issue 149 - Page 83

HARDWARE&SECURITY FOLLOW US ON TWITTER, SAYS DHF Follow us - and keep on top of the trends, hot topics and issues that shape the door, gate and hardware sectors. That is the message from the Door & Hardware Federation (DHF) which has launched its own Twitter social media service. Aimed at customers, specifiers, and contractors the DHF Twitter feed intends to deliver instant news on changes in legislation that impact on the choice of DHF member products and services. It will give the latest guidance on health & safety matters, technical standards, and maintenance issues. It will also promote DHF’s commitment to achieving best practice within the industry with its training programmes and adherence to quality assured standards. ‘Twitter is one of the best platforms for us to engage and interact directly with customers and create awareness’ The Twitter conversation can be found on the website, www. and visitors are invited to join Twitter @ DHFOnline and follow the DHF. It has been set up by Charlotte Harborne, the newly appointed DHF marketing co-ordinator. She said: “As the largest trade federation representing key players within the building hardware and industrial, garage door, doorset and powered gates industry sectors, the DHF has decided to ‘join the conversation’. It’s increasingly recognised that involvement in social media sites delivers real commercial advantage to businesses and is a powerful way to quickly spread news to industry contacts and customers. “Twitter is by far the quickest way to discover what’s new in the world, and this is exactly why the DHF has taken this strategic decision as part of our commitment to looking after the interests of our members and their customers. “In today’s busy and competitive world every second counts in business. Twitter is one of the best platforms for us to engage and interact directly with customers and create awareness of issues such as changes in legislation, health & safety and training opportunities, quickly and efficiently. We can’t wait to develop the conversation with members and with specifiers!” DHF also has an active presence on LinkedIn, the business-orientated social networking site which allows LinkedIn members to establish networks of people and organisations they know and trust professionally. Members are also invited to join the DHF on Google+ . To read more, visit APOLOGY In an article about Avocet’s latest investments in the March issue of Clearview, a photograph of Karen Paskin was used instead of one of Dr Tinkle Jain. We offer our apologies to Ms Paskin and Dr Jain for this error. YOU HAVE FITTED SECURE LOCKS BUT ARE THE WINDOWS SIMPLY LIKE UNLOCKED DOORS TO A BURGLAR? Many homes have double glazed windows where the glass is secured by a beading on the outside. This can easily be removed and is one of the most common ways that burglars get in. Taking out the glass is quick and makes no noise. NO-GO GLASS LOCKS lock the glass into the frame so that the glass cannot be removed without smashing the glass. NO-GO GLASS LOCKS are designed to be easily fitted to existing windows and are a very cost-effective way to make a property even more secure. NO-GO SECURITY PRODUCTS are looking for companies to sell and install our NO-GO GLASS LOCKS. If you would like to expand your business then contact us. To find out more email us on Or see our website Or phone 0845 528 0183 APR 2014 83