Clearview Midlands April 2014 - Issue 149 - Page 79

HARDWARE&SECURITY Jackloc campaign highlights springtime household dangers Award-winning window lock supplier Jackloc has launched a seasonal campaign – “Spring should be called Fall” - to highlight the danger of unrestricted windows. The campaign aims to raise consumer awareness of the increased risk of falls from unrestricted open windows at this time of year, when people are keen to enjoy the finer weather after a cold, wet winter. Jackloc Director Emma Wells said: “As the spring finally arrives, it is natural that people want to make the most of the warmer, dryer weather and let some fresh air into their homes by throwing open their windows. “But it is a tragic fact that people of all ages die needlessly each year – and thousands are injured – in the UK through falls from unrestricted windows”. Family-run company Jackloc, which created its unique original universal window restrictor in 2003, has been campaigning for more than 10 years to educate people about the dangers of open windows. The company works with clients and organisations such as the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) to promote risk assessments, appropriate safety measures and ongoing checks on such equipment in a variety of settings, from care homes to hotels. A number of children are killed and RoSPA estimates that 4,000 are injured in falls from windows in the UK each year. UK-based Jackloc is campaigning to make restrictors compulsory on all windows above ground floor level. Jacklocs have been installed to improve safety and security in buildings such as private homes, care homes, hospitals, schools, hotels, student accommodation and high-rise flats all over the world, including Arabia, Russia, South Africa, Mexico, Australia, the USA, Singapore and Malaysia. Jacklocs can be fitted to any type of window or door, whether wooden, metal or uPVC and come in a variety of different finishes and colours. The company have recently launched a new retro-look restrictor, with a chrome finish and transparent sleeve to reveal the metal cable beneath. ‘4,000 are injured in falls from windows in the UK each year’ They also have a ‘push-and-turn’ design which doesn’t need a key to lock it into position or release it. To find out more, go to or call 01455 220616. Jackloc is the original, award-winning universal window restrictor It is simple, strong, exceeds the most rigorous safety standards and can be fitted easily to any window or door. Available in various colours, it allows windows to be opened safely and securely, reducing the risk of injury and fatality from falls from windows. Available in three designs key release, push-and-turn release or permanent fixed cable. Made in Great Britain, sold worldwide CALL US TODAY 01455 220 616 AND VISIT WWW.JACKLOC.COM To read more, visit “the price of safety cannot be measured” APR 2014 79