Clearview Midlands April 2014 - Issue 149 - Page 72

TIMBER WHY CONSIDER AN ALTERNATIVE TO PVCU? Broxwood believes there are very good reasons - and value for money is just one of them. PVCu doors and windows Services More than 80 percent of new homes and renovations install double and sometimes triple glazed PVCu doors and windows. They are regarded as an economic and energy efficient option for conserving heat and reducing sound pollution. They are easy to install and maintain, will not rot and can look as good as new for decades. No wonder that PVCu is a popular choice with developers and homeowners. So why would anyone consider an alternative product? Broxwood has a long history of working with self-builders, architects, contractors and developers and has established a loyal customer base. As an independent company it is not tied to any manufacturer and thus can offer the best options for their clients. Broxwood has also developed a reputation for building strong partnerships and welcomes the opportunity to work one-to-one with specialist fitters across the UK. The team pride themselves on their advanced project management, manufacturing and logistical processes that make the company an ideal partner to meet project needs and budgets. Timber and alu-clad doors and windows Broxwood, an independent company based in Perth, Scotland for more than 20 years, suggests there are some very good reasons to consider the alternative timber and alu-clad options available to today’s discerning house builders and renovators. There are real benefits to choosing wood - not least because it is a product of nature. ‘Timber is the only truly renewable, 100% recyclable construction material’ Timber is the only truly renewable standard construction material and is 100% recyclable, unlike many “alternative” materials. Timber is also longlasting. Many timber windows in use today are more than 100 years old, proving the longevity of high quality materials. Broxwood’s energy efficient timber windows and doors are designed and manufactured in Norway, Austria and Poland where extreme 72 APR 2014 winter conditions are often the norm with temperatures dipping between -30° and -40°. Energy saving, quality and design The superb insulation qualities of wood together with the latest glazing technologies and modern engineering techniques, allow the manufacture of energy-saving products including Passive House standard U-Values lower than 1.0. Windows and doors are built using a wide choice of soft and hardwoods and can be fine-tuned with glazing options, a selection of glazing bars and surface finish options using any RAL colour to create an elegant bespoke end product. Easy maintenance It is no surprise that even the Broxwood’s entry-level windows and doors exceed current UK building regulations which explains the strong demand experienced for their high performance timber products. With careful use and a minimal maintenance, timber windows will last a lifetime or more and with a 30 year guarantee against rot, fungal decay and insect attack it is hard to get better value for money. Alu-clad timber windows For those seeking the ultimate timber solution both externally and internally, aluminium-clad timber windows can offer the best of both worlds. In Norway, market share for aluminium-clad timber windows has increased from 15% to 50% in the last two years. They provide a highly durable and stylish external cladding with added protection and a finish, requiring virtually no maintenance. Whereas the timber frame on the inside adds warmth, integrity and character to a room. The products are designed to be in keeping with the building, however old or new. Every product is bespoke and made to order, ready to deliver within six weeks. Timber versus PVCu windows and doors PVCu or timber windows and doors? Obviously, both have their merits but quite often timber is dismissed as too expensive. PVCu is relatively cheap and efficient but with limited style designs and colours. Broken, cracked or discoloured plastic products are almost impossible to repair and can look dated over a period of time. When a high performance product is required that complements most building projects, then timber has the edge. Timber windows and doors can achieve low U-Values, are easily maintained over their lifetime and continue to reflect character to a property. And Broxwood’s point of view - ‘In the long term you simply can’t get better value for money or a greater return on your investment’. To find more visit: To read more, visit