Clearview Midlands April 2014 - Issue 149 - Page 41

DOORS&WINDOWS Causeway Joinery chooses JMS software for bespoke joinery Paul Chapman, owner of Causeway Joinery has been in joinery since leaving school. Since he took over the business in 2001, he has seen the business grow - despite a major setback in 2008 when a fire destroyed the premises and everything in it. But during the recovery period, Paul was able to re-evaluate how the business should go forward. In 2011, Paul invested in Joinerysoft’s Joinery Management Software for quoting and manufacturing as well as a Trend window system which links to it. He also purchased an in-house spray booth. The catalyst for change came with the introduction of the new office administrator, Kerry, who was brought in to take over quoting from Paul. Not having a joinery background Kerry initially struggled with the vast amount of information that for Paul was automatic. It soon became apparent that most of the information needed for quoting was stored in Paul’s head. So he decided to start a new system that Kerry could be involved in setting up. After a demonstration by Joinerysoft he could see that not only would it quote large jobs quickly, the software would also handle the custom joinery that was key. Paul explains, “We do all bespoke work, including windows, doors, stairs and kitchens. No two jobs are ever the same and sometimes every item in the job is different too. We need software that can handle the variety of joinery that we produce but also quote quickly.” Causeway Joinery received two days installation/training with the software and has access to continued support both by phone and over the internet which allows Joinerysoft staff to demonstrate how to do tasks remotely. He adds: “There are so many benefits. The investment of time setting up Joinerysoft was well worth it. I can now order all glass, ironmongery and timber in advance of the project start and know that it will be correct.”, www., enquiries@, Joinerysoft SOFTWARE FOR BESPOKE WINDOWS AND DOORS COMPLIANCE JMS automatically calculates: U-Values verified by U-Values - Building Regulations - CE Markings Enquiry To Invoice Designing, Quoting, Timber Requests, Glass Sizes, Cutting Lists, U-Value Certificate, CE Marking, Delivery Notes, Invoices +44(0)1608 643302 To read more, visit APR 2014 41