Clearview Midlands April 2014 - Issue 149 - Page 33

DOORS&WINDOWS Only from Hörmann ORIGIN SHORTLISTED IN TOP BUILDING AWARDS Origin Frames Ltd, a leading manufacturer of bespoke aluminium bi-folding doors, has been shortlisted in the Manufacturer of the Year category for this year’s Building Awards, which are dedicated to rewarding excellence and outstanding performance in the UK construction industry. not only introduced more processes to support this over the last 12 months, but have been able to maintain a 100 per cent record on maintaining this promise to our customers. To our knowledge, no other company in the world offers ‘zero lead time’ on a bespoke product.” 0.81 W/(m²·K) More entrance door for your money: Hörmann’s ThermoPro Plus • Only from Hörmann: triple thermal insulation glazing with safety glass on the inside and outside as standard • 5-point security lock with safety strip on the hinge side • Especially high thermal insulation: UD-value of up to 0.81 W/(m²∙K) Origin representatives are looking forward to the presentations to be held at London’s Grosvenor House Hotel on 2 April. ref: CV Neil Ginger, CEO of Origin Frames, (pictured) said: “We are delighted to be named amongst the best manufacturers of building products in the UK, in recognition of the ‘Your Lead Time, Not Ours’ service and industry-leading 20 year guarantee that we offer to our customers. “In 2010, we turned the rules of manufacturing on its head by offering a ‘zero lead time’ service; and we’re pleased to say that we have UD value up to 57-14 (73-13) To read more, visit 57-14-088,2x247,8-UK-CV.indd 1 APR 2014 33 13.03.2014 17:58:54