Clear Nude: The Lens + the Nude, Issue IV, Summer 2015 ClearNude: The Lens + the Nude, Issue IV, Summer - Page 75

For my digital work, I rely on Lightroom 3, and Photoshop some projects I am able to develop, enlarge, and print film CS5. I also use Nik Software Silver EFX Pro for my black work myself at a local Art Institute darkroom facility. and white conversions. My workflow consists of selection  and initial adjustments of images in Lightroom, continued The primary uses of my photography are for public art ex- conversion to B&W, with adjustments in Silver EFXPro, hibitions, art contests (such as ArtPrize), and publication. ‡ and final adjustments, cosmetic corrections and sharpening in Photoshop. For film work I rely on commercial devel- More of my work can be seen at: opment firms for processing and printing my images. For http://pixelperfect­ p Clear Nude | Summer 2015 75