Clear Nude: The Lens + the Nude, Issue IV, Summer 2015 ClearNude: The Lens + the Nude, Issue IV, Summer - Page 69

M y name is Pola Esther. I was born in Poland. Legend says I was kissed by the Pope and that event made me who I am. As an artist I use photography as my main platform for expression. I like to photograph nature, mostly human. In my work I reflect on my intimacy, femininity, and sexuality. I respond intensely to my close surroundings, approaching it with a poetic, eager, and sometimes ironic eye. I’m constantly looking for visual fantasy in commodities. I’m not only searching for beauty in its given form but also in its peculiar dimensions. I often challenge my subjects to reach towards extraordinary aspects of their personality to achieve certain social commentary and reaction in a personal way. I have a background in theater and use its action and dynamic energy in my concepts and presentations. I’m always ready to play and experiment with the endless variations of people, places, and things - this is the spirit which drives my creativity. ‡ © Pola Esther pages 68-71 Clear Nude | Summer 2015 69