Clear Nude: The Lens + the Nude, Issue IV, Summer 2015 ClearNude: The Lens + the Nude, Issue IV, Summer - Page 44

. W rd . a Gn é B by Allicette Torres Allicette Torres: Where are you based? AT: What are your go-to cameras now? G.W. Benard: I’ve been living between Lisbon, Barce- G.W.B: I always use an old Asahi Pentax for analogue lona, and Paris. and Canons for digital. AT: How long have you been shooting photographs? AT: Film or digital? Why? G.W.B: I started when I was around 13, but then I took G.W.B: It’s curious that I started photography through the some time without shooting to come back to it again magic of analogue/darkroom and now I find the magic in recently. Meanwhile, I had painting and drawing as my digital. It has been more rare for me to shoot in analogue, mainway of expressing. My drawings were also often so nowadays I mostly shoot in digital. It’s more “now” and nudes. For the last 10 years, photography has been my more flexible: being a more flexible tool, digital can give main way of expressing, parallel to writing. you the analogue approach or the digital one, even when I do the shootings through webcam, like the series “B AT: How did you get started in photography? Shot by a Stranger” about being voyeur of naked loneli- G.W.B: I started by doing a course of photography, ana- ness. logue and dark room, when I was around 13. I wanted to learn it all, the whole process was fascinating. Like AT: What drew you to your particular style? magic. The process is also silent, which was something G.W.B: I always found color, background, and textile to I needed, so maybe it was an excuse to access solitude be very distracting; I always preferred them in their own as well. silence. If a ballet dancer is amongst a crowd, it’s harder for him to dance; he needs empty space to perform. I like 44 Clear Nude | summer 2015