Clear Nude: The Lens + the Nude, Issue IV, Summer 2015 ClearNude: The Lens + the Nude, Issue IV, Summer - Page 4

Contents Issue IV, sUMMER 2015 3 6 50 Ruminations on Nudity Feature 12 Orgasm Photographs and Interviews by Helene Williams & Allicette Torres 14 Feature Model Conversation Anoush Anou 26 28 32 34 52 56 60 Muse 22 Page 14 44 SnapShot by Karen Rayne Featured Model Nicolas Gavino 11 Anoush Anou 40 Poem Carmin Conner . 8 36 Masthead & Letter from Editor 64 Eli Dijkers Snapshot 68 Feliz Paloma Gonzalez snapshot 72 SH Sadler snapshot K.D. Dickson Feature Florent Bernades Feature On the cover Mira Nedyalkova Featured photographer Page 52 ASP snapshot French Cockpit SNAPSHOT G. W. BĂ©nard Feature Brwax SNAPSHOT Mira Nedyalkova feature Nom de Guerre Feature Curvology: The Origins of female body shape by David Bainbridge Feature Ama- The Pearl Diving mermaids of Japan by Michael Gakuran Feature Pola ESTER SNAPSHOT Thom Peters SNAPSHOT