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Letter from the Publisher As we’re come to the close of our final issue within our four volume series, I’m pleased to say our growing name and recognition has created a tremendous community of artists. We’ve been able to join together in a beautifully curated series. I’m grateful to all the artists who have shared their work and to the readers who have voiced the same excitement for this underexposed and often alienated form of art. Moving forward, we are a bit unclear as to what the next steps are for the magazine. To speak plainly, it has been a difficult labor of love; I am at a crossroads with continuing the magazine under the current circumstances. As of now there is no assembled team. I am saddened by the state of affairs. I believe in the magazine, it’s contents and what it has accomplished for the nude photography art form and it’s associated community. Going forward I will need to figure out how to maintain the magazine alive in some shape way or form; whether it’s publishing the magazine twice a year, having gallery exhibitions or finding some other creative way to maintain a presence. Since its inception, Clear Nude magazine hasn’t been without its share of hurdles; from general production issues, to even a select few declaring the magazine another form of pornography. Overshadowing this has been the remarkable support we’ve received from artists and readers alike, praising its raw beauty, honesty and unveiling of what has traditionally been perceived subversive underground art genre. Clearly, the time had come for the unveiling of an art form that wasn’t solely meant for a controversial label, but to the core is what I believe to be, the ultimate artistic expression of the human condition: tragically flawed, defiantly unique and yes, perfectly designed. Each ideal exposed, fearlessly displayed and ultimately triumphant in its surroundings. Continuing this effort, for this issue we have a stellar roster of work by photographers such as ASP, Eli Dijkers, SH Sadler, Patrick Cockpit, Brwax, Nicolas Gavino to name a few. From a new contributing writer, Michael Gkuran, we’re excited to feature the captivating history of nude Japanese pearl divers in an essay titled ‘Ama’s, the nude mermaids of Japan’. Another potentially provocative essay is about women, nudity and their orgasms, it’s another must read. As you explore the photographic narrative, I would like to thank you again, our readers and the hundreds of contributors for helping to make Clearnude Magazine a successful celebration of the nude photographic art form. I can go on but I rather you explore the eclectic mix of photographers and articles in this spectacular issue. Allicette Torres Publisher & Creative Director Karen Rayne Associate Editor Contributors Alessandro Saponi Anoush Anou ASP Brian Lynch Brwax Carmin Conner David Bainbridge Eli Dijkers Feliz Paloma Gonzalez Florent Barnades G.W. Benard Helene Williams K.D. Dickson Linda Troeller Michael Gakuran Mira Nedyalkova Nicolas Gavino Nom de Guerre Patrick Cockpit Pola Esther Rober Weissner SH Sadler Stefan Wegmüller T.H.Taylor Thom Peters Advertising Amy Morlas 646.355.8271 Clear Nude Magazine Volume 1 / No. 4 Summer 2015 ISBN-13: 978-0692479384 ISBN-10: 0692479384 Published 4 times a year. Executive, editorial and advertising PO BOX 664, New York, NY 10030 Phone: 646.355.8271 Email: Purchase print and digital versions of Clear Nude magazine via or Printed by Amazon Clear Nude | Summer 2015 3