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© Robert Weissner unflattering) lighting conditions. I think it gives you a different sense of yourself. It has made me realize, too, how open to perception any two dimensional image is. I could look at 10 dif- ferent photographs of me and see myself look like 10 different people... Yet all of them are accurate. I find that interesting. nearly all that matters, if there is nothing real to photograph, then there is nothing. When I find a photographer who is willing to be unpre- pared and who can surrender to the scenario, one who understands that window light and a wall is all we need and that it doesn’t really matter what, if anything, I’m wearing, well... that’s why I do this. What is the most common trait you see in talented What would be the most important piece of advice An understanding that the moment which exists when I think that honing in on what makes you unique will photographers? they click the shutter matters more than their equipment. One thing that I find challenging as a model is seeing so many potentially wonderful photographers who, in my opinion, over-think the creative process; seeing art as a mathematical equation and overlooking the in- tegrity of the moment they’re seeking to capture while they’re calculating the answer; believing it needs to be difficult to be good. I’m certain that the moment is 16 Clear Nude | summer 2015 you’d give other models? help you get to you where you want to be and will save you a lot of frustration along the way. No one else in the world looks or emotes just the way that you do, so working out how best to celebrate what is really at the core of you is a much better use of energy than trying to replicate another model’s work or style. In my own experience, self-exploration is very much synonymous with the type of artistic exp