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In front of the lens Model Name: Anoush Anou What was the toughest assignment you’ve had? Years Modeling: 5 particularly bad, and I’ve been very lucky with the pho- Location: Columbus, OH Style of modeling: Fine art & fashion-nudes What brought you to modeling? Before I modeled for photographs, I modeled for artists/painters, a job which initially appealed to me due to its flexible hours and creative environment. I did this for two years, full-time and just through people I met at art classes or by word of mouth. I would occasionally get asked to model for a photographer. Eventually I decided to transition to photographic modeling completely and I’ve never looked back! What are the top things that have helped you become a successful model? I think that professionalism plays an enormous role in keeping my calendar full. I work really hard to return emails as quickly as I can (although still not as fast as I’d like to) and to communicate details clearly and concisely. I turn up to shoots on time, fed, slept and organ- ized. I’ve had many photographers comment on this so I feel like it goes a long way with them. Aside from that I think that good body-awareness, emotiveness and creativity are what makes any model a great model. There is not one experience which stands out as being tographers with whom I’ve worked so if anything has gone wrong, it’s rarely had anything to do with them. The most difficult assignments I’ve had have mostly been due to unfavorable weather conditions. Working outside when it’s insanely hot or cold can be very painful. I try to be smart about this and I won’t book out- door nude shoots when it’s obviously the wrong season for it, but you can’t always depend on the weather report and I’ve definitely been caught out more than a few times! What is the hardest lesson modeling has taught you? I think that one of the biggest challenges, and certainly one of the things which I’m most grateful for the opportunity to practice, has been in learning to appreci- ate what I am bringing to the table as a creative. I find it so easy to see what makes the artists who I admire so compelling, but much harder to see the beauty in my own work. What have you learned about yourself through modeling? This is probably an obvious answer but I feel that mod- eling has made me more comfortable in my own skin. It’s very humbling to see yourself, from almost every imaginable angle, in an endless variety of (sometimes 14 Clear Nude | summer 2015