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Orgasm Photographs and Interviews by Helene Williams & Allicette Torres M asturbation as an erotic subject had pher Marion Schneider entitled Orgasm: in- been a magnet for interest and fas- volving women of different ages, nationalities, cination for centuries. The photog- cultural and sexual backgrounds. rapher Linda Troeller has tackled the subject visually in her book, “Orgasm Photographs I was touched by Linda’s sensitive way of and Interviews.” In her project she interviewed women working with these women, accomplished in of different ages, nationalities, cultures, and sexualities the approach that she used to gain their trust from straight, bi- to lesbians and pan-sexuals, as well and confidence before being photographed: as sex workers; their ages ranging from 18 to 88. She for example, she used the experience of created a visual dialogue about this maligned subject. shopping with Maria as a fait accompli before the photographic shoot. I believe it is this Exploring Linda’s work, art psychotherapist Helene down-to-earth approach that set the scene Williams, discusses below the project further by se- for Maria to pose in such an empowering and