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Letter from the Publisher I have been a nude photographer for over 12 years. During this time, I have been privy to, and a participant in, the internal turmoil of the nude photography and lens base media scene. It is important that nude photography no longer just exist within the context of the lewd and obscene when it does not fall under the guise of the established capital “A” art accepted styles of nude photography. The contemporary art machine prefers the photographic nude to stay within the borders of figurative nude (Edward Weston), conceptual nude (Francesca Woodman), or documentary style nude (Nan Goldin). These are almost a requirement. When the photographer navigates outside the accepted ‘better known’ forms they fall within a well of the ‘questionable’ nude. From here they are to be defined as pornography, or worse, amateurish, conjuring feelings of revulsion, laced in the opinion of objectification. If approached on a broader temporal scale, as with classical imagery of the nude form, one can recognize that photographs of the nude, like paintings, can be artificially constructed and carefully composed, lit, and produced. Given this structure, they merit a space on the same platform of fine art along with objective critiques based on intent, context and purpose. Through the action of equalizing, we can explore the growing myriad of artists creating pieces that are reflective and stand within our culture by coexisting with the classical in the contemporary. Artists who frame their nude subjects outside the traditional narratives are met with challenges that ostracize them from establishing larger possibilities of support and exposure to a broader audience within the medium. This magazine is meant to be a source of information, analysis, exploration and inspiration to both artists and readers. It is my genuine hope that I might help to provide the platform that will broaden the established confines of what is the nude photographic figure as art while bridging the gaps, thoughts, genres, and topics possible in this area. The pages that follow are one small step in this direction, but it is ultimately up to the viewer and reader to engage deeply with the art herein and to bring it out of the pages and into conversation and life. Consider yourself invited to participate. Allicette Torres Publisher & Creative Director Lucas James Associate Editor Rachel Raymondi Contributing editor Selina Meyer Writer Dan Smith Writer Karen Tse Translator Contributors Samuel Lopez Eli Sleepless Kirk Anderson Noe Lozano Vince Sullivan Selina Meyer Erica Jay Allan Fredrick Dave Rudin Glenn Mcguire Ivan Clemente Jorgen Klausen Justin N. Lane Ren Hang Keneilwe Mokoena Advertising Amy Morlas 646.355.8271 Clear Nude Magazine Volume 1 / No. 1 Winter 2014 ISBN-13:978-0615952789 ISBN-10: 061595278X Published 4 times a year. Executive, editorial and advertising PO BOX 664, New York, NY 10030 Phone: 646.355.8271 Email: Subscriptions Clear Nude | Winter 2014 3