CLDA Magazine - Fall 2016 1 - Page 9

G O V E R N M E N T A F FA I R S U P D AT E 9 Advocacy Fund 2016 CLDA had done a lot because of the Advocacy Fund through its lifetime and has gone on to help many places across the country protect and promote our industry, and without it, would not have the advocacy program on Capitol Hill. As the Annual Meeting attendees heard first hand in Las Vegas from CLDA President John Benko and from Government Affairs Chair Mark Cossack, the Advocacy Fund needs your help to keep the Fund going. Several individuals and companies stepped up at the show [Thank You!] but we need to continue moving forward. Over the years, the Advocacy Fund has been able to help at many different levels of government, too many to list in this article (we have a multi-page full list; if you’d like to read it, contact me!). Here is a snapshot of what CLDA has been able to do in the last year thanks to donors: - Congressman Paulsen (R-MN) introduced HR 2483 in time for Lobby Day attendees to promote at the annual event. Garnering 6 cosponsors! - Continuing funds and grants for State Department of Labor (DOL) misclassification audits were removed from both House and Senate appropriation bills for 2016. With ground work laid for 2017. - CLDA established relationships with DOL oversight committee staff on Capitol Hill in preparation and response to the agency’s “interpretative guidelines”. - The association with Prime Policy Group had introductory and productive meetings made with the Uber federal policy staffer their federal policy agenda which currently is not outlined along with keeping open communica- tions with contact. - Responded to potential Highway Bill’s Denham amendment [FAAAA clarification language], while working with ATA’s Coalition Director, circulated stand-alone letter and signed-on to group collation letters. Although the Denham amendment didn’t make it, the relationships gained have been beneficial in trying other avenues to get language through Congress. - Federal policy presentation given by Shawn Swearingen and Keith Smith during Advocacy Fund Luncheon at 2015 Annual Meeting. - Its My Business Coalition spokeswoman Blanche Lincoln was invited and spoke at the opening reception of 2015 Lobby Day Event. Speaking to the continued communication on coalition’s work in states while preparing for federal initiatives. - Quarterly conference calls with State Association leaders to share on-going advocacy efforts and ideas in state capitols as well as coordination of meetings to avoid scheduling conflicts. State Association Meetings Be sure to watch for your state association meetings in 2016! Several states have had meetings across the country ranging from California, Texas, New York to Florida which you can read about more in the state update section. If you are not aware if your state has an association, contact Shawn Swearingen at sswearingen@theclda. com. Not only do these groups provide educational outreach, opportunities to lobby in your home state are pos- sible with the relationships established over the years. If you have any questions on the CLDA Government Affairs activities or would like to become more involved, please contact Shawn Swearingen at Customized Logistics and Delivery Association | Fall 2016