CLDA Magazine - Fall 2016 1 - Page 33

F E AT U R E 36 percent and we look to partners like you to help us respond to that.” He concluded his remarks with a charge to those in the room: “Look for ways to partner with LTL carriers!” John Kenneally, Vice President of Transportation, represented Roadrunner Transportation Systems’ LTL services. Roadrunner is a Top 20 LTL provider with full-state delivery capabilities throughout the United States and Canada. Kenneally added his voice to the conversation about the final-mile/LTL partnerships. “We have no interest in getting involved in final mile,” he said. “We don’t want to bring products into consumers’ houses. We’ll leave it to your drivers to do that. We need companies like yours to take products into the cus- tomers’ home and take away pack- aging. We do a great job transport- ing. We’re good on the road and at the dock, but if you have a driveway, that’s another story. That’s where you come in. It is fantascit meeting so many people at this conference with whom we can partner. You have a special expertise in final mile that we do not wish to develop. Our agents are our partners. We value that. We couldn’t be who we are without agents like you.” Wrapping up the panel was Thomas Nagel, CEO for Clear Lane Freight Systems, an economy LTL transpor- tation network. His company has a network of over 20 agents in 30 states providing service from the Northeast to the Sunshine State. “Our customers are more sensitive to price than transit time,” he said. “We partner with third party providers. It’s what’s driven our company’s growth. We’re non-asset. We rely on our agent partners to pick up and deliver.” He charged those in the room to look to the future to see what changes they will make to accommodate the demands of e-commerce. “When we look at the Amazons of the world we need to remember that their mission is to be the one single source for e-com- merce. That might not bode well for those in this room. But we see it as an opportunity and a challenge that we 33 can take on together.” As conference participants left the room, they talked about the ways the panel’s remarks got them think- ing about the future. “It was good. It reinforced what I’ve been think- ing. I liked the way they talked about what’s happening in the market- place,” said Samuel Petite, Logistics Manager for Article, an online fur- niture manufacturer that describes itself as offering, “…high-end quality and customiza- tion – and often a quick turnaround time at low-end prices.” Petite is the Logistics Manager for the company’s’ Ocean and Final Mile Division. Peter Fernandez, Vice President – Sales & Marketing for Citipak Delivery Systems, Inc. summarized the reac- tions of the logistics providers this way: “It was a very informative panel, particularly for those of us that are looking to fill that need. Last-mile is an up and coming market segment that we all need to be looking at.” Customized Logistics and Delivery Association | Fall 2016