CLDA Magazine - Fall 2016 1 - Page 31

How Much Can You Save? PARCEL AUDIT Automatically receive refunds due to service failures, no proof of delivery, damaged packages, and more PARCEL INTELLIGENCE Monitor KPIs and parcel savings across multiple shipping accounts and receive alerts about unusual changes in cost VeriShip has a proven track record when it comes to parcel audit and intelligence. On average, our parcel auditing technology takes only 3 minutes to set up and can produce massive savings opportunities for companies that ship parcel. Over 3,300 clients have benefitted from VeriShip’s parcel accountability services which include audit, impact analysis, carrier contract negotiations, and more. Contact us today for a free shipping evaluation. PARCEL CONTRACT ENGINEERING Save 10-30% with data-driven negotiation tools and a simulation engine that compares your rates to those best in class Visit us at Parcel Forum ‘16! Booth #100