CLDA Magazine - Fall 2016 1 - Page 26

26 F E AT U R E CHRIS MACKRELL NAMED TO CLDA HALL OF FAME     “IT WAS THE PINNACLE OF MY CAREER”                                      of that business. “In those days, if you were serving the banking industry all it required was drivers. You didn’t need an office, just a place for drivers to meet,” he recalls. For the last 30+ years Chris MacKrell has been making sure things get where they need to go. In his career those “things” have included everything from blood to office supplies. In May, the members of the cus- tomized logistics and delivery indus- try paid tribute to his life-long com- mitment with their highest honor – induction into the CLDA Hall of Fame. “I was surprised and shocked. I had no idea that I was up for the award. It is the highest honor the association can give to anybody. It means so much to me,” says Chris MacKrell, the President and COO of Custom Couriers Solutions, Inc. and a former CLDA President. BANK RUNS AFTER GRADUATION Like many in the industry, Chris started as an independent contrac- tor. “It was the summ