CLDA Magazine - Fall 2016 1 - Page 19

F E AT U R E Wiehoff. “3PLs are utilizing technol- ogy and multi-platform service offer- ings to handle an increasingly large and diverse customer base. The chal- lenge to asset carriers is to invest in the technologies to improve efficien- cies with customers whether they are direct or via 3PLs. Asset carriers are at the first mile, last mile and every mile in between.” the freight’s late, or there’s an acci- dent or a snowstorm? How does the app respond to that? While mobile technologies show great poten- tial, the freight business is far more complex than what translates easily into the Uber model. Right now, I think the most likely candidates for the Uberization of trucking are same- day/local move markets.” Welch also talked about what he called the “Uberization of Trucking.” “Everyone wants to be the Uber of trucking,” he said. By that he means finding ways to use applications to connect shippers with local truckers to best use mobile communications in today’s on-demand world. “But it’s not that easy,” he pointed out. “Freight is more complex than point-to-point transportation. As freight moves, information about it changes. Does it need a lift gate? Does it need a sig- nature? Does it need two people to move it? Is there a dock available when it arrives? These are the kinds of knowledge-based decisions that need to be made all along the way. And what about contingency plans if Mutually Beneficial Partnerships Welch concluded his remarks with a callout to all CLDA members to reach out to LTL companies: “CLDA members have the last-mile resource, experience and expertise. The LTL industry has the national freight networks and local facilities,” he said. “Together we can establish a partnership based on core com- petencies. Your members have the specialized equipment for business and residential deliveries. You have the expertise in white glove assem- bly service and the experience with the shippers’ delivery and installa- tion instructions. LTL companies have vast hub and spoke networks. 19 We have the local and regional phys- ical presence in the form of facilities and employees. And we have redun- dant over-the-road delivery systems to ensure on-time arrival. “The purposes of a conference like the CLDA Annual Meeting are to learn new ideas, create new partner- ships and improve business opportu- nities by the sharing of knowledge. That’s why I am here,” said Welch. Responses to the speech were universally positive. “It was very informative,” said Nick Osbern, a first- time attendee from Freightquote. “When you’re combining LTL and last-mile, it’s good to hear advice from the chief [of YRC].” NOW Courier’s Ryan Schwalbach agreed: “It was outstanding. It’s exactly what we need to hear. From a business standpoint you have to look beyond the narrow picture on which your company was founded. Look at LTLs as an opportunity.” Customized Logistics and Delivery Association | Fall 2016