CLDA Magazine - Fall 2016 1 - Page 18

18 F E AT U R E with other transportation providers nearly 16,000 times every month. Partnerships are an integral part of our business and I can think of no better opportunity for new partner- ships than the growing final mile segment. “The ‘Amazon Effect’ has opened new business opportunities for all of us in the transportation indus- try. Customers say they want their deliveries in their homes and they want them NOW. While our net- works are designed to move those shipments across North America, CLDA members have the experience and resources to make the final mile delivery efficiently and effectively. The LTL industry needs more part- ners like you to deliver on that final mile promise.” Challenges to the Industry Welch then went on to talk about some of the challenges facing the supply chain. Chief among them is the chal- lenge of finding truck drivers who can handle the increasing techno- logical advances right in the truck cabs. “The most important advanced safety technology device in the cab of a truck is the driver. Professional drivers are getting harder and harder to find. We need people who have the patience to deal with both complex technology and the chal- lenges faced by sharing the road with distracted drivers,” he pointed out. “We pay our drivers well and provide excellent benefits. What we cannot afford is to hire a driver who is not committed Y]H[\XK'H\]Z\Y[YHوHXB[\[\\][^[Y[B\^[^[]K8'HZY[ ']\]\YY[ܙB\\\\]HY[K^x&\–ݙZX\H\HXX[[X[][و\^]K8'H[ZY ][[\\\ٙ\܈قYX[X[[[Y\[][ܙ[]\]K8'^x&\Y[Y\ŽX\[X[[ L Z[[ۂ[\وK[ܙH[XX˜[HYۈY\8'HHZY ']XH\\HXHZY HXX[H]\][\\\[XXY[[B\\\H[][ۋ]]BX]XZ[[ۚ]ܚ[[XۚX›[]X\[X[]HۋBˈHX\H[\]Z\Y]XH]XB]\[H\[H[\Hو[XY[^H[]Z[X\[B]\[[HYX[Y[ ܈\Z[X[]H\x&\[]B[Z^][ۈٝ\H][Y\‘Z[[Z^HH\قY[\[Z[\X\['XٙXHXH[\[Z^H\]ܚˈB[YXY[^H[ݙHZY\™\X]HX\XH[[[وX\[\H]\[]\Y[XYHYH[ۈ[YK[YXY[[[وZY[]\H]˜H [XYY Z\ܛ]Y܈Z\BXY H^HXܙX\H]\›Z[[Z^HH[YHH\H[BZY 'H[H[ [[Y]]HXH[KBY[[[Z^HHZY[B[\ˈ8'[^x&\ܛ[܋BX][ۈ\\[\ܝ[ ܈[YB\\[ܙH[\ܝ[ [B\X[[ݙ[Y[وHZY \Y\^X[XYHYH[[Y[H[]\HوZ\ܙ\[›ۙH[\[]]\[B[[Z[H[]\HY[X\وK'BH[[ܛ[ZY][H\ۛHZ[XH[HX[]H]\][[\Y\š[\XH]\Y\ˈH[YH[ܙX\[Hو [\\Y\[\XK8'H\BH][Y[܈ZY 8'HHZY ][[ؚ[۸&\S\Z^Y\X[[]\H\X][ۈ[ M