CLDA Magazine - Fall 2016 1 - Page 17

F E AT U R E 17 The Power of Supply Chain Partnerships     BY ANDREA OBSTON, DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC RELATIONS, CLDA                                      By Andrea Obston Director of Public Relations, CLDA James Welch took the stage at the CLDA Annual and got the atten- tion of the crowd right off the bat. Speaking about the relationship between LTL companies and local carriers he said: “We know we have to develop relationships with com- panies like yours. We have the ability to deliver to you multiple shipments from any point in North America. CLDA members have the knowledge, expertise and resources to take those same shipments the final mile. Our partnership needs to be built on a commitment to grow our businesses together and at the same time make sure it is a profitable endeavor for all of us.” Welch brought his 35 years of experience in the transporta- tion business in to play in a rousing keynote speech highlighting the need to find ways for LTL carriers and CLDA members to leverage their strengths to serve a fast growing market efficiently and competitively. He is the chief executive officer of YRC Worldwide, a $5 billion trans- portation company that is a leading provider of LTL transportation ser- vices throughout North America. YRC Worldwide has four LTL operat- ing companies, YRC Freight, Holland, Reddaway and New Penn. Prior to his position at YRC Worldwide, Welch was the president and chief execu- tive officer of Dynamex Inc. Welch built his case for a partner- ship between LTL carriers and last- mile providers based on his obser- vations of the supply chain. “America has a magnificent supply chain,” he said. “This is an industry that never sleeps. America is powered by trucks daily. Trucking, whether it be over the road or final mile, is the life- blood of our nation’s commerce. Trucks travel 775 million miles every day, hauling over nine billion tons of freight by way of the 1.8 million trucks on the road. “LTL companies carpool ship- ments,” Welch continued. “We are the segment of transportation that’s between truckload and parcel. We’ll pull together 15 to 20 shipments for different customers into one truck- load, bringing them to terminals and distribution centers everywhere. Our network allows us to pick up ship- ments from multiple locations and funnel them into the area of delivery by the final mile carrier.” YRC Freight, for example, has 14,200 dock doors and 258 service centers around the country handling 10.4 million shipments per year. They look for partnerships from compa- nies like CLDA members. “We need help from companies like yours to deliver on that last mile,” said Welch. “We thrive on shipping partnerships to serve customers. We interact Customized Logistics and Delivery Association | Fall 2016