CLDA Magazine - Fall 2016 1 - Page 15

ANNUAL MEETING RECAP Digital Delivery Age” was the title of the first afternoon session on Friday. Moderated by confer- ence chair Jason Burns of QCS Logistics, it included Brett Parker, Co-Founder/President, Cargomatic; Josh Hamilton, CEO/Co-Founder, Bringsy and JC Burnett, President/ CEO, Loadchief. Burns kicked off the session with these thoughts: “Over the years our industry has been resilient. Now we face a real challenge to that resiliency. We can either forget everything and run or face everything and rise. It’s your choice.” With that he opened a session that included a discus- sion of mobile technology; the sudden attraction of this industry to investors; how larger shippers are looking for ways to use local carriers for the last-mile; the impact of Uber and the shared economy. [See story on page ? for details on this panel]. The final panel was called “Class Action Threats – What Courier Companies Need to Know and What to do to Prepare.” It included remarks by two partners from the law firm of Scopelitis, Garvin, Light, Hanson & Feary, PC: Attorney Andy Butcher and Adam Smedstad. The session looked at the most common targets or problem areas that those filing class action suits focus on. The attorneys suggested areas within courier companies where self-audits could make a dif- ference in such suits. The panelists talked about ways for executives to get ready for or even avoid these kinds of lawsuits, which are becom- ing more common. 15 great I would have been to them sooner,” concluded Natasha Boekholt a long-time CLDA member who was attending the Annual Meeting for the first time. She founded STAT Courier Service, Inc. in Lake St Louis Missouri 16 years ago, but has never before attended an Annual Meeting. She’s already planning for next year’s Annual Meeting at the JW Marriot Orlando on May 3 – 6, 2017. The CLDA Ann VVWFpw&VBWvF&fR&WfWw2''F6G2FW6VFVBFRVFGBVƗGbFP'W6W726F7G2FWvW&R&PFFRGfFvRbBFRF'0FR6fW&V6RVVBf"FV( ĖbWrFW6RVWFw2vW&RF07W7F֗VBv7F72BFVƗfW'766Ff#`