CLDA Magazine - Fall 2016 1 - Page 14

14 ANNUAL MEETING RECAP of this conference is for us to form partnerships to help deal with the changes in the industry.” [See story on page ? for details of this session] Working with LTLs was also the theme of a panel discussion later in the day. Moderator Jim Bramlett of uShip led a panel of LTL industry leaders in a discussion called “How CLDA Carriers Can Participate in the Multi-Billion Dollar LTL Opportunity.” Panelists included: Rick Mathews, Vice President, Specialized Services at YRC Freight; Steve Selvig, Vice President, Sales & Marketing , Reddaway; Thomas Nagel, President/ CEO, Clear Lane Freight Systems and John Kenneally, Vice President of Transportation, Roadrunner Transportation Systems. Each panelist described his oper- ating models; who they partner with; why they partner with them and what they seek in last-mile delivery partners. On Friday, the day began with a panel called “The Future of Transportation.” It was led by former CLDA President and the newest member of the CLDA Hall of Fame, Chris MacKrell, who was honored on Day One of the conference. Three panelists discussed trends, challenge and opportunities in today’s business environment. Panelists included: Jim Berluti, Vice President, USA Sales, Dicom and former President/CEO of Eastern Connection; Brian Surber, VP of Operations, Priority Dispatch and Steve Wilson, Ecommerce Analyst at Tompkins International. Among the topics the panelists discussed were: the growth of ecommerce and the need it’s generated for local inventory; the pressure created by ecommerce for cheaper deliveries; the opportunities created by the Affordable Care Act as it encourages more home-based medical care; the consolidation of the industry as venture capitalists become more attracted to it; the opportunities pre- sented for cross-border business and the effect on the supply chain from international companies like Alibaba. [See story on page 21 for details on this panel] Later that morning, a panel of shippers shared tips about what it takes to become an approved carrier in their networks; their views of the future of the supply chain and the ways customer expectations are changing the way the industry does business. They included Cory Dickerson, Dickerson Transportation Solutions; Peter Huie, Senior Vice President, Supply Chain Operations at Medical Specialties Distribution, LLC and FedEx’s Djoly Souffrant. Customized Logistics and Delivery Association | Fall 2016 “How to Compete in the New