CLDA Magazine - Fall 2016 1 - Page 13

ANNUAL MEETING RECAP met with shippers looking for pro- viders. Each shipper was teamed up with an experienced provider in that vertical. In these intimate roundtable discussion sessions, car- riers learned how to become suc- cessful players in these verticals: • Medical • Home Delivery • Automotive • Ecommerce (DDU) • Pharma • Critical Parts/Warehousing • LTL • Office Supply Post-event surveys also gave this new approach an enthusiastic thumbs-up. Outgoing president Kirk Godby explained the reasons for the changes in his remarks at the meeting: “Two years ago when I stepped in as pres- ident we made it our mission to engage the shipper and supply chain industries. Those of us in the indus- try have always known that we were the source of successful last mile deliveries. But those outside our industry didn’t. They know about us now. Over the last two years we have aggressive strived to engage the supply chain industry. And now its members know that we are out there on the forefront of final- mile solutions. This conference, and all that we do, is about creating oppor- tunities for our members. But we are not done. We are just getting started with a record number of attendees and shippers at this conference. We are a 29 year old association that is the voice of the industry working for the common good of the customized logistics industry. Our value prop- osition has always included provid- ing education, advocacy and net- working. Through the hard work of the board and our members, we’ve added a fourth leg to that value proposition: business opportunities. That’s what this conference was all about. This meeting has become a place that those in the industry feel they must be, both to learn about new trends and to bring in new business.“ In his final rema rks to the meeting as president of CLDA he said: “I am proud of this association and where it’s headed. I am humbled to have been the leader of this orga- nization as it’s evolved to meet the needs of its members and their cus- tomers. I truly appreciate and would like to thank each one of you for your continued support of the CLDA.” The reaction was a standing ovation. Practical Knowledge from Industry Thought Leaders The conference also included 13 workshops and panels about issues affecting the customized logistics and delivery industry. On Day One, the keynote was delivered by YRC Worldwide Inc. President James L. Welch who talked about the Final Mile and the Role of LTL. “Those of us in the less-than-truck- load sector need help from companies like yours when it comes to deliver- ing the last mile. We have assets, but we need you,” he said. “The Amazon Effect means that consumers feel that they need what they want to be deliv- ered at home and delivered fast… LTL drivers aren’t equipped to handle these new consumer spending habits. We will need more partners to deliver. We have to pick up and deliver freight in a way that satisfies our customers and the members of CLDA are the key to making this happen… We are the travel agents for freight….The purpose I’ve attended this meeting for 15 years, but this one was the best ever, both from an education- al and opportunity point of view. Everywhere I twisted and turned I found opportunities,” Larry Zogby, RDS Delivery Service, New York, NY Customized Logistics and Delivery Association | Fall 2016