Clay Times Back Issues Vol. 2 Issue 4 • May/June 1996 - Page 9

GEIL KILNS Makes History! The First Kiln Manufacturer to Obtain an AGA Certification Don’t settle for just a kiln... Invest in a GEIL Firing System. Front View Cutaway Circulation The vertically positioned, high velocity, natural draft burners create an efficient unobstructed heat flow up the wall. High velocity natural draft burners. On December 15, 1994 GEIL was granted the A.G.A. Certification for our complete line of gas-fired ceramic kilns. Flue Opening Side View Cutaway Hot air circulating in all directions and finally finding its way down to fill the vacuum created by the flue, then rising out the flue. The GEIL firing method utilizes the burner’s full potential by circulating the heat in a multidirectional flow. Trouble-free, precise atmosphere control and even temperature distribution are the standard with this system, resulting in repeatable and uniform firings. No additional flue height needed due to the burner positioning. Hot air rising out of the flue. Damper used for the control of temperature and atmosphere. At this time, GEIL is the only Kiln Company to have this certification. GEIL Kilns for the first time is setting the first safety standards for the industry. When you buy a GEIL Kiln you will be assured of a safe firing kiln, tested and certified by the American Gas Association. Vacuum created by the hot air escaping out the flue. GEIL KILNS CO. 1601 W. Rosecrans Ave. Gardena, CA 90249 1-800-887 GEIL (4345) or 310-532-2402