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Vol. 10, Issue : 11 November 2018 Reject BJP and Its’ Allies! Expose the Ruling Class Parties! Support the Democratic Forces! Five states – Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Mizoram and Telangana – are going to polls in November 2018 to elect their respective state legislative Assemblies. While four states are being ruled by the BJP and its allies, the state of Telangana is being ruled by the regional party Telangana Rashtra Samiti. To cover up these anti-people policies and to divert the peoples’ attention from the basic issues, the ruling classes through their political representatives used and are still using communal, caste and regional sentiments, raking them up into hatreds and dividing the people in order to destroy their united strength. Rajasthan witnessed large number of murders of Muslims in the name of Gau rakshan. The attacks on dalits and women have continuously been conducted in these states by the BJP and its mentor RSS. The TRS, even after four years of bifurcation, is raking up regional chauvinism to safely land again in the seat of power. During their term in power in these states, they failed to even address the most urgent and basic problems faced by the people. The BJP promised to double the income of farmers, but did little except bringing out a concept paper by the NITI Ayog. At the same time when farmers demonstrated demanding remunerative prices for their produce, they were subjected to brutal repression in MP and Rajasthan. They promised to create jobs for the youth, but for the last four years the creation of jobs is on the decline. These governments absolved themselves of their responsibility of providing education, health and medical services to all the citizens, while promoting market forces to take over these sectors. The result is that education and health became unaffordable for the poor and a burden for the middle classes. Hand in glove with the BJP government at the centre, these state level parties promoted the measures such as GST which had put unimaginable economic burden upon the people. While the hard earned savings of people deposited in the public sector banks and state budgets are being looted by the big bourgeoisie they remained as mute spectators and are now supporting measures to place these losses on the backs of people by newer forms of taxation. The ruling parties in these five states have not even questioned the measures taken by the BJP at the centre encroaching upon their powers. When Narendra Modi government proposed amendments Organ of the Central Committee of CPI(ML)