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Statement: Condemn the terrorist attack at Pulwama! CPI (ML) expresses its shock and sadness by the loss of lives of 44 CRPF personnel in a militant attack in Lethapora, Pulwama, Jammu & Kashmir. Loss of precious lives is tragic and painful. One organization, Jaish-e-Muhammed (JeM) claimed it was orchestrated by it. CPI(ML) condemns the dastardly attack and expresses its condolences to the kith and kin of those who lost their lives in the attack. While condemning the attack, It is important to make sure that violence and war are not irresponsibly perpetuated in the name of avenging the blood of the deceased. We strongly condemn the attempts of the ruling party to whip up anti-Kashmiri people frenzy, national chauvinism and anti-Muslim hatreds among the people of India. The attack is a clear consequence of wrong policy towards Kashmir by the Indian government and the claims of wiping out militancy from Kashmir. The repressive policy being pursued through all these years by the Government of India, without any attempts for a political solution, had created conditions that are conducive for militancy. Excessive repression in the Kashmir valley, particularly since 2016, with men, women and children being killed and maimed with bullets and pellets, high scale of crackdowns and arrests and increasing human rights violations often pushes young men to pick up the gun against the state. The Indian government must open channels of negotiation with Kashmir people for a political solution. One of those steps is to withdraw AFSP Act and assure the Kashmiri people of the plebiscite through which they can decide their future would be conducted. We must respect the right to self determination of the people of Kashmir. ™ contd from page 3 making them as laws of the country. Thus the legislative bodies in India continue as mere talking shops as Comrade T. Nagi Reddy observed. To meet this situation, the vast masses of people must unite and organise themselves in the struggle against the ruling classes and their policies. They must oppose the treacherous crime of the Indian ruling classes who are selling out the country’s interests to imperialism and take the struggle against imperialism forward. The masses of peasants must advance their struggle against feudalism and for the revolutionary redistribution of land. The people must dare to fight back communal onslaught in the course of organising themselves in class struggles on basic problems. They should unite with patriotic and democratic forces. We, the Communist Revolutionaries, are with the people in this most essential battle. We are committed to earnestly strive to forge unity among the Communist ranks to build a proletarian party based on Marxism-Leninism. In the present context of elections to the Parliament, we call upon the people to: issues and avoiding burning problems and thus diverting the people’s attention from the basic issues, luring the voters with one or other sop is the ploy the ruling class parties employ. The Parliament and its members find no time to discuss the basic issues faced by the people and even if raised by some MPs, they would be brushed aside as inconsequential matters. On the other side the parliament is powerless when law of the land is violated by the exploiting classes as in the case of wanton defaulters of bank loans. Everyone in the high places of government knows that these defaulters are none other than big bourgeoisie. Beyond this, the Indian parliament is acting as a tool in the hands of imperialist finance capital by vesting all powers and freedoms to the regimes of the day to sign on the dotted lines as dictated by the imperialist financial institutions and 4 - Reject the BJP and its allies! - Expose the Congress and other ruling class parties! - Support and vote for the communist revolutionary, left and democratic forces! - Workers,peasants and down trodden people unitedly struggle against the policies of ruling classes! 14 February 2019 With revolutionary greetings Viswam General Secretary Central Committee C P I (ML) Class Struggle