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extraction of surplus from agriculture by input producer MNCs and cartels formed by big business. Under the guise, on the long run, the ruling classes are determined to alienate the peasants from their land by using economic levers. It also resorted to forceful eviction of peasants from their lands to present them in a golden platter to the big businesses. The BJP led alliance is using all these fascist methods only to serve the interests of imperialist capital and exploitation of Indian people. Hence it should be defeated in the coming Lok Sabha elections. The defeat of BJP in recent elections has kindled hopes in the Congress party to regain the power. During the last five years, the Congress claimed that every pro-imperialist and pro-big bourgeois measure taken by the BJP was initiated by it. When the Manmohan Singh government introduced GST bill, BJP opposed it vociferously. The same bill was introduced by the BJP and this time Congress opposed it but helped to enact it. The same was true in the case of allowing foreign direct investment into retail trading and defence. It is so because the Congress is not different from the BJP in serving the interests of big bourgeoisie and imperialist powers. It has taken up the issue of corruption during BJP rule, mainly Rafale deal as its main plank of campaign. Instead of fighting the communal agenda of BJP and opposing its onslaught on democratic values, it resorted to appeasing Hindu sentiments to show itself as no less Hindu than the BJP and thus harmed the secular traditions prevailed in Indian cultural life. It is vying with BJP in doling out populist schemes such as farm loan waiver, input subsidy, Universal Basic Income Feb, March - 2019 and so on. It is banking mainly on the ‘misrule’ of BJP and on its own muscle and money power to win the elections. It gave the call to defeat the communal fascism of BJP to rally forces in opposition around it. At present the regional parties are playing an important role in the formation of government at the Centre. Coalition governments became order of the day. The regional parties are joining hands with BJP or Congress to form NDA or UPA. These alliances are only marriages of political convenience as they are not based on any democratic principles though they claim to have a common minimum programme for name sake. Many of the regional parties like BJD, JO(U), THC, AIDMK, DMK are in power in their respective states for decades. Yet they failed to solve any basic problem faced by the people. They are doling out populist schemes treating the people as beggars waiting always to receive alms from the rulers, which the Congress and BJP are mimicking. These parties are one with the Congress and BJP in implementing globalisation, privatisation and liberalisation policies which fatten the big bourgeoisie and foreign capital and rob the poor. These parties are dividing people on caste and regional lines to gain their votes and divert the people from the path of struggle. Once came to the power, they prostrate before the imperialist capital and big bourgeoisie. Chandrababu Naidu who is placating himself as the king pin in forging the anti-BJP alliance, once described himself as the CEO of the World Bank. The regimes of regional parties are in forefront in forcefully evicting the peasants from their land and in handing over the same to monopoly capitalists. Hence they are thoroughly anti- people in nature. The Congress and its allies along with the regional parties are one in serving the interests of imperialist capital and big bourgeoisie. They make loud noises when in opposition, but once in power, they show consensus among themselves in implementing all the anti-people policies. Hence the people must have no illusion whatsoever in them and continue their struggle against them. The political crisis as a consequence of economic crisis is intensifying the contradictions among the various sections of the ruling classes. In order to gain power, they are mouthing loud slogans to attract the peoples attention. One section of the ruling classes already floated the slogan of oppose to the communalism or communal fascism. The democratic and left forces should not fall prey to this slogan. They should be conscious of the fact that these slogans are only a part of divide and rule policy adopted by the Indian ruling classes. While the BJP is using naked methods to rouse communalism and communal hatred in the name of Hindutva, the Congress is using disguised methods to realise its aims. Even the peoples aspirations and demands for the betterment of living conditions are being manipulated by the ruling classes to whip up regional, caste and religious hatreds among the people. The Indian parliamentary system made a mockery of the democracy. Various so-called reforms made to the election process, made it more difficult to the common man to take part in the elections with democratic spirit. Only those who had money bags are able to contest in the elections. Using the media to focus the non- contd. on page 4 3