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For the BJP and its mentor RSS, Hindutva has become a pet slogan to push through the divide and rule policy by raking up communal, caste and regional hatreds among the people. They are attempting to lull the anger of people with palliative measures. Yet the fact of the matter is that they are committed to protect and continue the present socio-political system. Founder Editor The BJP after assuming power at the centre continued KANU SANYAL unabashedly the raking up of communal hatreds. It resorted to attacks on Muslims and Christians using the cow protection, love jihad, beef Editor-in-Chief eating, religious conversion as pretexts. Hindu communal chauvinism VISWAM is being raked up against Muslims and more than a hundred were killed on the plea of cow protection. It is using every regressive Editorial Board argument to whip up communal and national chauvinism, to equate P.Jaswantha Rao nationalism to communal chauvinism and to revive obscurantist Arvind Sinha practices. In the name National Register of Citizenship, the BJP Madhu government has thrown the lives of millions of people in North East India into turmoil and created a gulf and hatred between various Shambhu Mahato nationalities of North east region. Nand Kishore Singh The BJP government usurped the power of surveillance on every Vol. 11, Issue : 2,3 Feb-March 2019 citizen of India recording their every phone call and movement. It foisted more number of sedition cases than any of previous e-mail: clastrugle@yahoo.co.in governments to muffle the voices of dissent. It used mercenaries to Web site: www.classstruggle.in murder many democrats who are opposing the communal agenda of On Others Pages: RSS and BJP. Gowri Lankesh. Govind Pasare, Kulburgi are some of 1. Document: them. The RSS through its front organisations unleashed attacks on - Denmark Communist Party 5 literary and cultural personalities to impose what they call as Hindu 2. World Affairs: culture. It continued the virtual military rule in the states of North east - Venezuela 10 and Kashmir by imposing Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act. It resorted - CIA & Osama 12 to brutal repression with lathi charges and firings on various classes of people – peasants, workers, students, dalits and adivasis – agitating - Afghanistan Peace Talks 14 for the resolution of problems faced by them. 3. Political & Economic Notes: The BJP government continued the policy of concentrating powers - Pulwama Terriorist Attack 4 in the hands of Central government at the expense of states. By - EWS Reservations 15 replacing the Planning Commission with NITI Ayog, the Centre took - Eviction of Adivasis 17 the disbursal of funds to states into its direct control. With GST it - Marx’s Grave Vandalised 16 crippled the revenue raising capacity of states. It used its powers to - CRZ Amendements 18 brow beat those state governments which are not dancing to its tune. - Scrap Sedition Law 19 Even the judiciary is made to fall in line with the wishes of powers that - Interim Budget 20 be at the Centre. 4. Labour File: Simultaneously, the government of Narendra Modi announced a - Tea Workers of Srilanka 22 series of palliative measures to sow illusions among the people. It 5. Reports : proposed a pension scheme for the workers and employees of - KRRS Convention 24 unorganised sector. When there is no certainty of continuation of jobs, - Bihar, Odisha, Tamilnaadu 21 how can they deposit monthly contributions to the Scheme? It’s a big 6. Homage : hoax. - Com.AM Kodandaraman 23 It also announced a subsidy of Rs.6000 a year to all farmers cultivating two hectares. If implemented, the amount reaches only to Contribution: Single Copy- Rs. 15/- those who had clear titles for their land. All owners are not actual Yearly - Rs. 150/- cultivators. The poor peasants who work as tenant farmers and P.Jaswantha Rao agricultural labour and constitute nearly 60 per cent of all farmers are Editor left out of this scheme. It is not only a vote catching gimmick on the 32-13-26/1, B.M.R.Road eve of elections, but also aimed at diverting the peasants attention M.R.Puram Vijayawada-520 010 from the real causes of agrarian crisis –growing landlessness, 2 Class Struggle