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Colonial Er a Sedition Act must be abolished a Era at t once! Now time has come to every Indian to seriously think whether we are living really under democratic system of rule or under the colonial rule of oppression and suppre- ssion. We have to critically examine whether the freedoms supposed to have been endowed by the Constitution are real or mere empty talk to hood-wink the people. The experiences of people for the past few years witnessed by us too indicate to the contrary and affirming that we are not at all under any rule of democratic systems, but under the rule of despotic rulers under the ruse of democracy. The people who differ with the opinions of the ruling BJP and their thugs are being implicated in the false cases of sedition and conspiracy charges booking under IPC sections 121 and 123. The police are permitted to show excessive zeal in filing these sedition cases against whoever that differ or criticize the policies of government or opinions of the ruling party in power – BJP and its cohorts who chants their own version of bigoted ‘nationalism’. In January 2019, sedition cases were registered against Sahitya Academy awardee and Assamese litterateur Hiren Gohain; RTI activist Akhil Gogoi and activist- journalist Manjit Mahanta for their comments on the citizenship bill which is being vehemently opposed by the people of Assam. The police allege that at a public meeting, they said that demand for sovereignty might arise if the centre ignores the voices of people of Assam against the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill- 2016. Again in January 2019, sedition and conspiracy charges were filed against three former JNU students and seven others nearly three Feb, March - 2019 years after a political event in the campus for campus sloganeering, dubbing it as ‘anti-national- slogans. Thus it has become a common feature to brand as ‘anti-national’ those who do not endorse all anti- people actions and policies of the state. The 150-year old colonial law of ‘sedition’ which was used by the British against Tilak and M.K.Gandhi who were demanding independence, has now come handy to the rulers of BJP to criminalise those who express contrary opinion. The very rulers who argue that the labour laws are archaic and have to be amended or abolished, when then they intend to do away any legal rights and entitlements to the workers in the country, when it comes to the suppression of contrary opinion are using the very age old law of sedition, thus exposing their hypocratic and despotic nature. Even the British Constitution and their laws removed the acts of sedition from their statute books. But our BJP rulers even as on today have chosen to rule our ‘independent’ India in the foot- steps of the colonial masters to suppress and oppress opponents with state coercion. Within period of three years by July 2017, there have been 165 cases of filing sedition charges, which denote the seriousness of the problem lurking around the people with democratic aspirations. Unable to solve the all- encompassing crisis created in all fronts of life through their anti- people and anti-national policies, the BJP rulers are using state coercion of suppression and oppression on the people who protest their policies. And sedition law is one such instrument of suppression. Such a state of affairs of de- spotic rule shall not be allowed to continue. All democratic forces in the country have to unitedly fight against the policies of suppression and oppression of freedoms by the state of democratic system of rule. ™ We will always remember Comrade AMK Rich Tributes paid in the Condolence Meeting A condolence meeting of the departed leader comrade A.M. Kodandaraman was organized by the CPI (ML) on 12 February 2019 at Madras Reporters Guild Building, Cheppakkam, Chennai. The meeting was presided by Com. M.Gunalan. Speaking on the occasion Com. J.Kishore Babu paid revolutionary homage to com.AMK and recalled the role played by com.AMK in building the strong trade union movement in the city of Madras. Comrades A.S.Kumat of CPI(ML)-liberation; Balan of Tamil Nadu Communist Party(MLM); Sankara Subbu, peoples advocate; Thiyagu of Tamil Nadu Liberation Movement; prof.Kochdai; Ilango Pichadai of New Science Forum; and Pulavar Kaliaperumal’s son Chola Nambiar paid rich tributes to com. AMK. The leaders of CPI(ML) comrades Sundaravinayagam, Karunakaran, Muthulakshmi, Ilango and Selvasekhar recalled their experiences with com. AMK as they worked together in same organization in the past. ™ 19