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Afghanistan Peace Talks to Dupe the People The US’s envoy to Afghanistan announced the drafting of a ‘framework’ for the peace agreement on 28 January 2019. According to news reports, the ‘framework’ was the result of talks with Taliban held in Qatar. It is based on the guarantee given by the Taliban that it will prevent the country from “becoming a platform for international terrorist groups” upon which the US gradually withdraws its armed forces in 18 months. The New York Times reported quoting the senior official that the US position is that the withdrawal of US forces would take place only after the Taliban entered into talks with US-backed government in Kabul and agreed to ceasefire. This is not acceptable to the Taliban as its leadership in the past rejected discussions with puppet regime in Kabul. Commenting on the frame the Washington Post that this framework leads to the end of war “on enemy’s terms” Betraying the political order they (US forces) defending 17 years at enormous cost”. It wants continuation of propping up with bayonets the puppet regime which it called as political order. With these underlying contradictions, whether the talks in Qatar result in the withdrawal of 14,000 US troops along with 8000 troops from other foreign countries – remains to be seen. Yet one thing is clear. The proclaimed aim of the US aggression and occupation of Afghanistan – war on terrorism – has not achieved. It had to held talks with the very forces that it generated and branded as terrorists. The real aim of the US imperialism –asserting its hegemony over the oil-rich region 14 through military means – could not be fully achieved after 17 years of war. Russia and China began dominating oil and gas reserves of central Asia and Caspian basin. This US colonial war on Afghanistan caused monstrous human and material destruction. 1,75,000 have died as a result of war. When indirect deaths are included the figure reaches one million. Millions have been uprooted from their homes and habitat. These deaths also included 2300 US military personnel along with 1100 other foreign troops and large number of private mercenaries. The savage nature of this dirty war pushed the US retired military personnel to suicides, with suicide rate reaching 29 a day. In 1978, in an attempt to topple the Russian-backed government in Kabul and push back Russian troops, the US imperialism provided billions of dollars worth arms and funding to Islamic militants. This ultimately gave rise to Taliban and Al queda. In its attempt to create “Russia’s own Vietnam” (as national security advisor of US, Brzezinski described) It created Islamic forces that came to power in Afghanistan. Unable to woo the Taliban government with so-called humanitarian assistance, the US imperialism resorted to direct aggression on Afghanistan in 2001 using terrorist attack in New York and Washington as pretext. This was followed by war on Iraq in 2003. These wars are not about terrorism but for US military dominance over the Middle East and Caspian basin that are rich in oil and gas. The 17-year “war on terrorism”, which is so far the longest US imperialist war, was never able to crush those whom it branded as terrorists. At any time during these 17 years, the Taliban holds more territory under its influence than that of US puppet regime in Kabul. This war on terrorism continued to spread instead of crushing the terrorists. It spread to Libya, Syria and now to Qatar and Iran. Islamic terrorism has been allowed to spread as a prelude to the countries targeted for aggression and occupation. As the war on terrorism lost its utility because of exposure of US hand in placating terrorism, The Trump administration unveiled the “National Security Strategy” a year ago. It spelled out the new axis of US global strategy as “great power competition” and countering so-called “revisionist states” meaning Russia and China). It is now clear that sooner or later “war on terrorism” would be replaced with “countering revi- sionist states”. A new demon was propped to replace the old demon – both are created for public consumption by the real monster - US imperialism. The endless wars unleashed by the US imperialism can only be ended with the intensification of anti-imperialist struggles by the people of world. As long as imperialism exists wars are inevitable. The only means to end wars and bring peace to the humanity lies in the overthrow of world capitalist system and esta- blishment of socialist society. ™ Read! Subscribe! Class Struggle Contribution: Single Copy- Rs. 15/- Yearly - Rs. 150/- For Details: P.Jaswantha Rao Editor 32-13-26/1, M.R.Puram, Vijayawada, pin-520 010. Class Struggle