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J Hurling baseless allegations against the countries or regimes or individual leaders, using the allegations as pretexts and justifi- cation to attack and punish in the way they like is a pattern for the imperialists in general and US in particular. The US launched the armed invasion against Iraq on the false allegation that Saddam Hussein, the President of Iraq, was in possession of weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). The invaders overthrew Saddam Hussein Govt., killed him after enacting a farce of trail. Iraq was placed under an illegal and illegitimate puppet regime and lakhs of Iraqi people who refused to bow down to US brute force was butchered. The investigations had conclusively proved that the US allegation was totally a lie manufactured by the imperialists. Yet, no apology came from US; No withdrawal of invading troops had taken place. It was clearly exposed that its allegation was only a plea to justify its military action to take control of Iraq’s rich oil resources. The US alleged that Syria was in possession of WMD. This was again a fabricated lie. US and its allies had resorted to armed attacks and used the terrorist groups to destabilize the govt. The Syrian govt.’s staunch opposition to US policy in the Middle East and Palestine and Syria’s close alliance with Russia are the main causes of US ire against the Syrian regime. The US and its allies alleged that Iran was producing nuclear weapons. The US persisted in this allegation even after it was conclusively disproved by the facts. It is continuing rigorous economic sanctions against Iran. Why? Because, the Iran defies US, supports Palestinian and Syrian peoples’ struggles and pursues a policy of its own in the West Asia. Feb, March - 2019 In Asia, the US alleges that North Korea’s defense system poses a threat to the security of South Korea and peace in the Korean peninsula. It is dead set on disarming North Korea with a view to compel it to accept US domi- nation in Asia and Asia-Pacific region. In the post-Second World War period, the US imperialists had waged countless small and big wars of invasions. They resorted to blatant acts of threat, bullying and intervention against the small and weak countries in the world. They protected the most oppressive and hated regimes, reactionary forces and organi- zations. They groomed the terrorist groups and freely used them to topple or destabilize the regimes. They engineered assassination of leaders and are responsible for the massacre of millions of people. They used one plea or other to defend their actions. They did not care the disapproval of their allegations as totally baseless. The instances we mentioned here are only a small fraction of the crimes they had committed against the humanity. There is not a single instance where the US imperialists had admitted their crimes against the humanity. Why a ‘good sense’ has dawned on them to come out with a “posthumous apology” for the killing of Osama bin Laden? The entire world knows that, at one time, Osama bin Laden was a darling of US imperialism. He and the Al-Qaeda, he headed, grew right under the wings and in the course of serving US imperialism in the period of Russian occupation of Afghanistan. The imperialists would never hesitate to discard any one whom they had used as a tool once they think that the purpose of the said tool is over. They shoot out a ghost they themselves had erected also as a tactical move to divert the people’s attention from the real culprits (none, but them- selves). The US imperialists shot down Osama bin Laden, but, at the same time, this ghost came to be revered more by a section of people in the world not only as an Islamic preacher, but also as a hero and martyr who died defying and fighting the US imperialism. The US is still playing the card of terrorism. Perhaps, it believes that its posthumous apology for killing Osama bin Laden will pacify his admirers and help to continue its crimes against humanity. However, politically, the world people are more mature and more conscious today. From Vietnam War to this day, they have seen how the imperialists are to be dealt. The struggle against imperialism and the imperialist policies of plunder, oppression and domination is unrelenting and assumes different forms like armed resistance, protest movements, political and economic battles and, campaigns and assertions of economic self reliance. It encompasses every field. The experience of life teaches the people that imperialism is most cruel system of exploitation and oppression on earth. At the same time, it represents a decaying and moribund capitalism. The US imperialism which claims to head it and which aspires to dominate the world is in contradiction and clash with people everywhere in the world. It is growing every day. It is the united and organized battle of people that alone can drive imperialism totally and finally to its grave. It is the people who write in their own blood the final verdict against all the crimes of imperialism and herald a new exploitation-free, oppression-free, war-free socialist society in the ™ world 13