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already announced his pro- gramme, the privatization of nationalized companies (such as electricity, steel, telecommu- nications, cement etc) and also the privatization of expropriated landed property; the opening up the oil industry to foreign Multinational corporations at very favourable terms. Mass lay off of public sector workers; privatization of health and education sectors. Perhaps this is an open programme of reaction on the social and economic field. Guido has the support of a sizable number of multinational corpo- rations, landed estate holders, oligarchs and pro-US elites mainly white racist sections of Venezuela society. The U.S intervention is a clear and flagrant violation of inter- national law and an act un- acceptable interference into the affairs of a sovereign nation. This is an extremly serious development of US long standing strategy of aggression towards Venezuela since 1998. The US imperialism has tried to oust the democratically elected Govt. of Venezuela ever since Hugo Chavez was elected president in 1998. Although American Presidents used to claim to defend democracy, their (US) intervention usually led to military dictatorship, massive loss of life, chaos and anarchy, and also subjugation of economy to U.S imperialism’s interest. So the truth is nothing about democracy but it is about US trying to control and make vast profit from the natural resources of these economies. Those countries which have not subugated and defended their sovereignty are hunted. Here it is stated that with the dawn of 21 st century US imperialism emerged as the sole hegemonic power. Countries like Iraq, Iran, Libya, Syria, Yemen, North Korea, Cuba & Venezuela were declared as rouge states and evil players in Feb, March - 2019 the contemporary global politics by the US imperialism. These countries are mostly oil rich nations and didn’t come into terms with US dictation. It must be mentioned that with slowing down of American economy, dollar loss its credibility as an international currency of exchange in the 70s of last century. The then president of USA Nixon came to an agreement with Saudi Arabia Rulers in 1973 to rescue American economy. This agree- ment was popularly known as petro-dollar agreement. The basis of which was that Saudi Arab to export petrol to rest of the world only in dollar currency and in exchange US exports arms and provide security to the Saudi Arabian Crown. Later most of the oil rich nations became part of the agreement under pressure from US imperialism and thus fell prey to US game plan. Whichever country tried to undermine this deal was faced the wrath of US imperialism. Once it was Iraq, then it was Libya, Yemen, Syria, now it is Venezuela and Iran. To save its economic hegemonies, US imperialism had used its military supremacy many a times over the defying nations. People of world saw many of such devastating civil wars in past 20 years. After Chavez coming to power, his Govt. nationalized all the oil fields which were previously under the Oil multinational corporations: exporting petrol to subsidise education, health and food for all programme. Today Venezuela state-owned oil company PDVSA keeps a controlling stake in any joint venture with Energy Company. Venezuela also gradually strengthened its economic, military and diplomatic ties with Russia & China undermining the US interest. In the last 20 years US tries its best to topple the Venezuela’s legitimate Govt. first Chavez, now Maduro. US imperialism doesn’t want to see the growing presence of other economic and military powers on its backyard. The GW Bush administration triggered a coup in 2002 against Chavez which failed miserably due to the overwhelming support of working masses and Indigenous population of Venezuelan society. The Obama Administration tightened the screws with economic sanctions on Venezuela’s vital oil industry which precipitated the countrie’s current social crisis and discontent. These economic and financial blockades are prelude to military intervention. According to Latin America Geopolitical strategy center (CELAG) the financial and economic blockade and boycott that was mainly promoted by United States and enforced by its allies would have cost Venezuela around 22 billion dollar annually between 2013 to 2017. Since Venezuela is highly dependent on imports which are normally paid with the income of petrol oil export, these boycotts and blockade have a grave impact on its economy and are mainly responsible for economic and humanitarian crisis including today’s refugee crisis. Apart from it the steady decline of world oil price has also its negative impact on the Venezuela economy. On the other side greater part of Venezuela’s domestic economy basically food chain (from local production to import from outside to supermarket stores) are depended on multinational corpo- rations such as Empresas Polar (a Venezuelan subsidiary of Pepsi Co) which controls 50 to 60 percent of pre cooked corn flour. Along with this white inheritors of old plantation system which controls a substantial part of country’s food system are also responsible for the present food crisis and high prices of food items. Considering all these, an US contd. on page 12 induced 11