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Vol. 11, Issue : 2,3 Febuary-March 2019 Call to the P eople by CP I (ML) People CPI R eject BJP and Its Its’ ’ Allies! Expose Ot her R uling Class P ar ties! Par arties! Other Ruling Support the Communist Revolutionary, Left and Democratic Forces! Str ug g le f for or the R esolution of Basic Pr ob lems! Strug ugg Resolution Prob oblems! The Elections to Lok Sabha are going to be held in a month. The political atmosphere has already been surcharged with no holds bar campaign and permutations of alliances. The ruling classes are leaving no stone unturned to side line the basic problems faced by the people and to divert their attention to secondary issues and promises of palliative measures. These elections are going to be conducted after the BJP is in power for a full term. The demonetisation followed by imposition of GST had devastated the peasant economy and manufacturing sector. Consequently the agrarian crisis has deepened further. The economy failed to create enough employment opportunities. The much hyped “Make in India” scheme, claimed to be rejuvenating the programme for manufacturing, had not taken off. The landless peasants who toil as tenant farmers and agricultural labour are facing bankruptcy. The living and working conditions of workers had deteriorated. With fixed term contract they lost their job security and are being thrown into unorganised sector. Their real wages are falling continuously. As the inflation and price rise continue unabated, the middle classes are increasingly finding it difficult to make both ends meet. The privatisation of education and health services has been breaking the backs of people. There is no hope for the people as the demon of unemployment is haunting them. Adivasi people are being thrown out of their habitat and their livelihoods are being destroyed in the name of development. Dalits and women are facing discrimination and oppression which intensified with the growing economic, political and social crisis. The dawn of “Achhe din” turned to be a mirage. On the other side, the BJP government continued the siphoning of budgetary resources to fatten the big bourgeoisie through various tax concessions and write offs. It has opened up the remaining sectors of economy including defence to the entry of foreign capital. The running of the government, including the policy making, is placed under the surveillance of imperialist financial institutions. Thus the financial and natural resources of the country are being drained by the imperialist countries with full force. As the lives of people are mired in poverty and misery, discontent and unrest has grown among the people. They are coming on to the streets protesting the anti-people policies of the government. The ruling classes are resorting to fascist methods of repression and oppression. Organ of the Central Committee of CPI(ML)