--classstrugggle-flipmag CS June-2018 MKP (1) - Page 6

The women working in various sectors are not only being exploited along with males but are also being exploited more than their male counterparts of their sections by way of low wages. The rulers and exploiting classes have evaded bothering about the family welfare related issues as their responsibility and are considering them as the personal matters of workers. Due to this reason conceiving, child-birth, rearing children and the looking after family welfare became a burden to the women. The real reason for this extra burden to women is the exploiting classes only. But the opinion viewing the male of the house as the cause for the exploitation of women will keep the toiling woman in the opposition to the toiling man. Such a view will ignore that the toiling male and female shall jointly oppose the exploiting classes. Finally it hinders the liberation of woman. Instead of resolving the contradictions between men and women it confuses the contradictions. In the society even the toiling men have no rights and freedom of any sort. Majority of women are sharing their lives with such men. The contradiction between the exploited women and men on one side, and the exploiting classes on the other side is only an antagonistic contradiction. So the men and women having a non-antagonistic contradiction between them have to fight against their foe. In the course of such a struggle and as a part of it the woman and man shall find out ways to resolve the contradiction among them. Only by participating in the wider struggles women can attain awareness about their rights and equality. 6 In this society based on personal property where the exploiting ruling classes refuse to take any responsibility about the toiling men and women and their children, the family system alone is working as their welfare system. In the degraded living conditions family alone is keeping them alive. The system of male hegemony and dominance viewed women as a machine that satisfies sexual urges and reproduction. Woman is not only an entity of reproduction but is also a human being that has been striving for the development of society as a part of the society has been highly neglected. Only due to the male hegemonic ideology women are being viewed as only the instruments of sex. Every human society is controlling sexual relations according to its stage of transformation. The joint sexual relations have been developed into individual sexual relations in the system of the monogamous marriage. But this system of marriage of pairs came into existence with the system of personal property, had controlled the sexual relations of women in the family. In order to continue the system of male luxury and sexual enjoyment a parallel system of ‘prostitution’ came in to existence to that of monogamous family. Those women i