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All India Students and Youth Convention On May 13 th 2018, an All India Students and Youth Convention was held in Matunga, Mumbai in an enthusiastic atmosphere. The Convention was attended by the students and youth from various states like Maharashtra, Telangana, AP, Bihar, Odisha, Tamil Nadu, Delhi and Jharkhand. Presidium and steering Committees were formed to conduct the Convention programme with Com. Basu, Com. Ramana and com. Ansar. The Convention began at 11-0 AM with the singing of revolutionary songs. Com. Shinde Sanjay gave a brief account of the preparations for the Convention. Com. Shashi Yadav, leader of working class, delivered an Inaugural Speech. He explained the pathetic state of educational institutions in Maharashtra. There are many schools with no teachers, no black boards, no play grounds, etc. Teachers are not paid properly. About 200 Govt. schools remain closed on the plea that there is no money with the Govt. The Modi Govt. has promised to bring back the entire black money stacked abroad. But, in practice, thousands and lakhs of crores of rupees are allowed to be looted from the Banks by the corporate Houses and comprador bourgeois like Vijay Malya and Nirav Modi. Com. Shinde Sanjay spoke on “Today’s Education Policy and Increasing Jobless Growth”. He said, the Moghul Education Policy was full of religious ideas suited to feudal system. The British colonialists came to India 24 with their own Education Policy suited to the needs of colonial loot and domination. In 1834, Lord Me kale, educationist, proposed english as a medium of education with an aim of creating a bunch of bureaucrats and an army of clerks to serve the colonial rulers. After 1947, several Education Commissions were set up in 1948, 1952 and 1964. They were chaired by the eminent educationists like Dr. S. Radhakrishnan, Mudaliyar and Kothari. But none of their recommendations were imple mented by the governments. New Education Policies came in 1964 and 1986. They were modified in 1992, but it brought no change in the education system as the rulers were committed to continue the semi-colonial and semi-feudal conditions of society. With the adoption of imperialist-dictated New Economic Policies dictated by the Govt. of India in 1991, the privatisation and commercialisation of education had gathered a momentum. Education had become too costly, gone out of the reach of poor and the pressure and dictation by the imperialist powers and agencies had gone up. In the face of this situation, the students and youth must intensify their struggle for a new democratic education and learn from the teachings of Lenin and the experiences of Socialist Education carried out after the Great October Socialist revolution. Com. Baburao Kumbhargave , the peasants and workers’ leader, in his message said that the governments form the education commissions only for name sake and they never care to implement them. The higher officials in the bourgeois system in India are called as intellectuals, but they are alienated from the people serve the exploiting classes. Most of them fail to understand the problems of people without integrating them-selves with the broad masses of workers and peasants in practice. So, the students and youth are hoped to become revolutionary inte- llectuals by integrating them- selves with the toiling people. Com. Laxmi, the leader of Strimukti Sanghatana and the editor of Strimukti, AP, in her message, said that the social media like Face Book, Whatsapp and Twitter are badly influencing the minds of students and youth. The media is not allowing them to think and feel about the social conditions and problems and revolt against the exploitation going on around them. So the conscious students and youth must oppose the polluted media. She also referred to ghastly acts of rape in Katua in Kashmir, Unnao in UP where the MLA of the ruling party had supported the rape and organised the rally in support of the rapist. She questioned what kind of social values the BJP rulers are promoting through their abhorable acts. Com.Bose, Railway Union leader, criticised the economic policies being pursued by the BJP government. He cited that there are 2,50,000 vacancies in the Railways which are not being filled up; yet the leaders extol about the creation of jobs for the youth. The student and youth leaders from various states gave a brief account of the contd. in page 23 Class Struggle