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Andhra Pradesh Wrangling over Political Power among Ruling Class Parties turns Murkier Four years have passed since the bifurcation and formation of two Telugu speaking states. The regional parties – Telugu Desam Party (TDP) in AP and Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS) in Telangana – were ruling the states since then. The next round of election to state Assemblies and the Parliament are going to be held in less than a year. The problems that arose due to bifurcation were not addressed in earnest and many of them are still to be resolved. One of the hotly contested issues is the distribution of Krishna and Godavari river waters. The Brijesh Kumar tribunal gave its award before the bifurcation allocating the waters to all the four riparian states. As the waters allocated to undivided AP has to be reallocated between newly formed AP and Telangana, as this task has been given to Brijesh Kumar tribunal extending its term and now all the riparian states have claims and counter-claims on allocated waters, the award of the tribunal remains in limbo even after five years. The BJP which vehemently supported bifurcation and promised all help would be extended to the newly formed states, came to the power at the centre and started sowing seeds of discord. It wantonly set aside the spirit of the tribunal’s recommendation that river water management boards should be constituted to implement its verdict for both the rivers separately with representation to all the five South Indian states along with Chhattisgarh and Odisha. The BJP constituted river water management boards with AP and Telangana alone. With keeping the other riparian states out of the 22 boards, it made the implementation of the award impossible and consequently river waters continue to be a burning issue among all the riparian states. Even the simple problem of division of employees of state government and public sector corporations remains unfulfilled. The BJP in its drive to capture power in South India is waiting in the wings to utilise these problems and create trouble to the ruling parties, particularly in AP. The TDP and TRS came to the power in AP and Telangana on the crest of the regional sentiment stoked by them. They became adamant and worked in the direction that there should not be any opposition party. By using their political, financial and even muscle power they bought MLAs and leaders of the opposition parties. In this process, the Congress party was decimated in AP and YSRCP is severely paralysed as many of its MNAs jumped into the bandwagon of TDP. In Telangana, the TDP leaders joined TRS en masse and Congress is holding to some pockets of influence. Even the CPI, CPM and some revolutionary organisations have to face desertions from their ranks. This made both TDP and TRS more ada X[[^H\YX\[Z\[[[HB\[[[[ۈ[\\H[KZ[T HYYZ[\\[XXHZYBY[\[\HH][\وH[\وT[]ۂܘ[[H[Z[Z[]B[Z[H[T \H[ق\Y[H\YHBX[]KH\X[H[\وH[K[HHق\][[[\X\H[[\X[ڙXHX]Z\YZوXܙ\و[HBX\[ۛH]H]^HB\Y[\\ˈH[YB[X]Y[H[HH]H[H[ݚYH[H][ܙH[ˈH\ܝY[BYX\\\Z[H[x&\ݙ\BY[X\[[ۙ]\][ۋ]]\]YH][ZقH[K[H\Xœ؛[HXYHH[HYY[\Y]\^H\BYܘ]]Y\[\\[ BܙX]XZܚ]HوX\[\H[\\[Hݙ\Y[[^HݚY[XH[KBܚ[\\[]]X˜ۙ][ۈ\Hݙ\Y[]BYH[H[\Y\][š[[X[HX\]ˈB]]\][ۈوYX][ۈ[X[\XZ[HXوBZYH\\[HBݙ\Y[\X][[H\[XY[Y]X[]H][Y[ HTԐ\[[\˜X]\H]\ۜX]B[\]]Hܘ[[YHٙ\H[K]\[H[Y[Hو[Z[H[]›XY\܈[\\و؛[\˜[XZ[ۙH[Y][ۈY\[\]]\[]\^H\H[XH܈[[XK]›XY\Y[[[YH\œ\[]\HۘZ]XB[\Z\H\ۈH[K[TԐ\H\[˜\H[[Y[ۈ\Z\[˜]X[ۜY]HZ\B[˂Hۙܙ\\H[T\žY]Xݙ\H]YX][B]H[\][ۈوXY\\^H\\Y \\\[Y[H\ \H\[Y]H\Yۂ]X[[HHHXY\ق\Y