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Founder Editor KANU SANYAL Editor-in-Chief VISWAM Editorial Board P.Jaswantha Rao Arvind Sinha Madhu Shambhu Mahato Nand Kishore Singh Vol. 10, Issue : 6 June 2018 e-mail: clastrugle@yahoo.co.in Web site: www.classstruggle.in On Others Pages: 1. Document: - Emancipation of Women 3 2. Classics: - Lenin 7 3. World Affairs: - North Korea - Palestina - Iran - Wuhan Summit 4. Labour File: - Pathetic Conditions of Workers 5. Communalism: - Controversy at AMU - Role of Judiciary 6. Political and Economic Notes: - Artificial Intelligence - AFSFA 7. Reports: - Tamil Nadu - A.P. - Student & Youth Convention 8. Homage: - Rajindar Sachar Contribution: Single Copy- Rs. 15/- Yearly - Rs. 150/- P.Jaswantha Rao Editor 32-13-26/1, B.M.R.Road M.R.Puram Vijayawada-520 010 2 9 10 11 13 15 16 17 18 20 21 22 24 12 uninterruptedly notwithstanding the defeat or victory of one of them in the elections. In Karnataka, BJP and JDS have competed for power. BJP, in power at the centre, is committed to serve imperialism, comprador bourgeois-landlord classes. It is aggressively pursuing Hindu communalism as a mask to these policies and also as a tool to divert and divide the people. In Karnataka BJP had proved itself as another name for corruption. It is a force behind those who are responsible for the brutal murder of democratic intellectuals like Kalburgi and Lankesh. It took the victory in Karnataka as a challenge and hoped that it may to halt its declining influence at the all India level. So, Narendra Modi and other central leaders had spent best of their energies and used lowest possible techniques of propaganda to influence the voters. On its part, the Congress took the victory in Karnataka elections as a step towards recovery at an all India level. It freely used the casteist and religious feelings and promises to influence the voters. Its move to accord Lingayats a status of separate religion was a part of its moves to utilise the religion to reap the votes. Its talk that Congress is opposed to BJP’s Hindu communalism and at the same time, claim for an ‘appropriate share’ of Hindu votes as an adherent and protector of Hindu religion is also a part of it. The JDS is based on certain castes and religious communities. As a Party that was in power in Karnataka at one time, it is known for its corrupt and anti-people policies. Sooner the election results were announced the Congress and JDS have entered into an alliance and pushed the BJP into a disadvantageous position. BJP suffering a defeat in its dirty tactics in Karnataka had, no doubt, inflicted a setback to BJPs drive for power at all India level. Many of those in the country who oppose Hindu communalism and anti-democratic policies aggressively pursued by the BJP, its Sangh Parivar and BJP-led regimes in the country must be feeling satisfied to an extent by it. But they also have many questions to ponder over. Are the vi 7F&W2"FVfVG2VV7F2F&VrFV6FVB'FV7&F2WFG3&RFRVRWFƗ6rFV"FV7&F2&vG0g&VVǒB666W6Ǔ&RF6R6WFrf"vW"vrFPVRFWFƗ6RFV"&vG3&RFW6Rf7F&W2"FVfVG2WGFpVBFFRƖ6W2b6VWBFW&Ɨ6BFRƖ6W2`WFF2FR6''WFv6Bw&vF7G&W0FVvFFR&6rB6W6bFR'FW2b'VƖp676W2BFV"&VvW2&V6VfVBvW&gV&sGFV@FR'BbFV7&F2f&6W2FFv"WfFRFW6PVW7F2vǒ6W&W6ǒ&FRW&vW2B7&F2bFPWFVBB&W76VB76W2bW"VRf"FWVFV@BFV7&F2FB2W"F6F6VRFBW"VR&R@vVBF&RW6VB'FRWFr676W2BFV"'FW2067&f6vG2FR6WFFBv&Rf"vW"'FPWFr'VƖr676W2BFV"'FW2wVFr&v6r@VFrFRVRr6'&V7BF&RVVBbFRW"F20vB&FFV6W2W2)6727G'Vvv